Vox “Smart Take” Pushes Gun Confiscation. Here’s What Would Happen If They Tried.

Bearing Arms – by Bob Owens

Vox’s Zach Beauchamp is suggesting that the United States should follow the lead of Australia’s mandatory gun buyback.

Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted.
The on-camera shooting of two Virginia reporters Wednesday morning seems bound to evoke, like so many shootings before it, some sort of national conversation about gun control. Which means there will likely be some of debate about whether it would even be possible for the US to limit its millions of privately held guns — by far a higher per capita gun ownership rate than any other country.

It is worth considering, as one data point in the pool of evidence about what sorts of gun control policies do and do not work, the experience of Australia. Between October 1996 and September 1997, Australia responded to its own gun violence problem with a solution that was both straightforward and severe: It collected roughly 650,000 privately held guns. It was one of the largest mandatory gun buyback programs in recent history.

And it worked. That does not mean that something even remotely similar would work in the US — they are, needless to say, different countries — but it is worth at least looking at their experience.

Let me explain in precise terms how that “experience” would work if anti-gun Democrats attempted to force through ex post facto gun confiscation in what most Americans would view as a clear violation of the Second Amendment.

There are an estimated 100 million gun owners in the United States, and more than 300 million firearms (some estimates are as high as 350 million). Somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of these firearms—between 100 million and 200 million firearms—are of the kind of rifles, shotguns, and pistols that would be be those targeted in an “Australian” mandatory buyback scheme.

We know from recent attempts to force the registration of certain semi-automatic firearms in New York and Connecticut that somewhere between 85% and 95% of citizens would simply refuse to comply with the buyback order. They would not turn in their guns. If anything, they would stockpile them, amassing more standard capacity magazines of 20-30 rounds for their modern sporting rifles, and thousands of rounds of ammunition each. They’d acquire (more) body armor, and tactical training.

They’d then dare the puny federal government of the United States to do something about it.

If the government is actually dumb enough to try to start confiscation, they will trigger a new kind of war on the North American continent, a fourth generation war most Americans have only seen on television.

Most of the nation’s 800,000 law enforcement officers and 2 million-man military will side with the people, and they will either simply refuse to enforce the buyback/confiscation scheme, or will actively switch sides to join the rebellion.

The tiny federal force than remains will get a taste of what fourth generation warfare looks like when it is applied domestically in an urban and suburban environment where bombers, tanks, and long-range missiles are practically inept and politically impossible.

Ambushes, infrastructure sabotage of government installations, and assassination would be the order of the day on a grand scale. Expect dozens of attacks a  week by so-called “lone wolves” and small units.

Lawmakers would be in hiding or would flee the country. Federal agencies would shut down, as employees feared being targeted and refused t come to work.  A President presiding over such fiasco might be temporarily safe inside the White House, but only until the 1,100 Green Berets who warned Obama in January of 2013 decided to act.

People who have lived their lives in the sheltered world of coastal liberalism, and who have only been exposed to other people like themselves, simply don’t understand how seriously Americans take their natural right to armed self defense.

I hope that they can learn to put away their silly fantasies of gun confiscation. The right to bear arms is the right of rebellion and revolution, and the Founders meant us to have to overthrow tyrants just like them.


10 thoughts on “Vox “Smart Take” Pushes Gun Confiscation. Here’s What Would Happen If They Tried.

  1. What would happen if they tried is the morgues would swell with the corpses of politicians, their thugs in blue, and anyone else who decided they had a right to trample on our rights. They have not yet seen “gun violence”. Try to oppress the people of this nation and they will see it first hand.

  2. Stay tuned: What is shortly coming down in this country is unprecedented in all of history, sometime between Sept 15 and May 15 will transpire apocalyptic events, martial law, natural disasters of unprecedented magnitude, attempts to disarm the public, and total anarchy for a time.

  3. Propaganda article meant to dull people to REALITY.
    This idiot thinks that “most police and military” will side with the people… Well shit if that were the case WE WOULD NOT BE HERE! The military betrayed the people along with the police, if anyone is retarded enough to think they will come over the hill like some knight in shining armor to save their WORTHLESS ass like the author of this article they will be the FIRST in the ditch.

    This article is crap, too many assumptions as to what people will and will not do. A better article would be about dealing with the immediate week after the announcement because the quizlings will come out in force. This article is full of so much crap.

    Do NOT believe a word of this garbage article, underestimating your enemy is the quickest way to an early grave, they will NOT start a fight unless they are damn near certain they can get what THEY want out of it be it total victory over us or something ELSE. This is why they have held off to keep reinforcing their positions and slowly build up their power base. They know the odds VERY well so do not be like the idiot Mark Koernke and think they are dumb fools, the pawns YOU deal with ARE but their masters are not, that is why we are still dancing around the fire while they keep building it up. Hell, for that matter this could be another dog and pony show while they do something else.

    Never underestimate your enemy, never expect someone ELSE to save your ass like this idiot author (military and police) let alone think you are so god almighty powerful you will bowl them over instantly.

    Use your HEAD! THINK! Do not put all your eggs in one basket and just keep digging in yourself and be ready for ANYTHING.

    Remember what this author DOES NOT UNDERSTAND is there is a WORLD of difference between hoarding guns and USING them to reclaim your FREEDOM. That is why we had less than 5% participation in the revolution and the military and police… SURPRISE!!! Went around murdering the people and they still did not turn on the government.

    Be ready for anything and everything. Form your militias and rely ON EACH OTHER not some fictitious group that may or may not exist and may or may not come to your aid.

    If the government calls down the thunder and that mighty hammer falls be ready to jump out of the way and fight a war that could last decades because they are going to bring the whole world to bear against us just like Washington said would happen.

    We will only win if we use our heads and stop relying on trash articles like this that say we will be saved by those who are trying to KILL US.

  4. “Most of the nation’s 800,000 law enforcement officers and 2 million-man military will side with the people”

    ROFLMAO….. This guys in lala land…

    “Lawmakers would be in hiding or would flee the country.”

    Yeah, straight to Haifa OY

    Bob Owens, you are dead wrong on so many levels it’s not worth pointing them out….just quietly kneel at the edge of the ditch and get it over with…

  5. “If the government is actually dumb enough to try to start confiscation, they will trigger a new kind of war on the North American continent, a fourth generation war most Americans have only seen on television.”

    The “government” has been confiscating guns for decades, by chipping away at one segment of the population at a time, and for most Americans, television is all they know, and all they want to know. They’ll starve to death, and that’s a good thing, because the brainwashed idiots are a danger to us, and they’ll only be in the way.

  6. “Most of the nation’s 800,000 law enforcement officers and 2 million-man military will side with the people,…”

    Lost me there, Alice.

    Stay in Wonderland.

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