Wanted – Dead or Alive

Rense.com – by Jim Kirwan

Maybe it’s time for history to begin to issue ‘WANTED POSTERS’ for the creatures that have stolen our history, our culture and our future, worldwide?

This was part of the history of ‘the West’ and it was needed to keep the lawless ‘Wild West’ in check.

For the last 66 years this ‘nation’ has been locked in the grip of Israel and their self-absorption that has nearly strangled the planet with their brutal imposition of “Israel” over the place where Palestine used to be.  

In Oregon, inside what used to be the United States a trial is about to begin where the people charged with crimes have been considered as

Guilty until they can prove their innocence: That is the exact opposite of what the U.S. Constitution calls for.

While thinking about that – it occurred to me; that to end this what the people of the United States need to do is to detain a few thousand of this country’s most notorious war criminals, hold them in isolation, until they can prove their innocence ­ just as the “criminals” in Oregon & Nevada have been ordered to do: Without the time or the resources needed “to prove” whatever we might allege. The public will pick the Jury & the Judge, and there won’t need to be a defense attorney because the entire proceedings will be just as illegal as the coming trial in Oregon will no doubt be ­ it’s the only fair way to begin to rectify the lawlessness that has obtained for over five decades and counting…

The several thousand accused will be given 30 days to prepare their defense, no access to phones or personal financial assistance will be possible upon arrest, BECAUSE all assets of the accused & their families will be seized, as part of the poisoned tree that has emanated from their crimes which are of course now legion. Here are the top 5 that have made WAR upon the world. President 41, 42, 42.5, 43, 44, & HILLARY.

Between these five war criminals there are almost countless numbers of victims And in GWH Bush’s case there were many millions long before these crimes.

27 years of uninterrupted war in Iraq, that is still continuing. The cost in dollars is virtually impossible to calculate, because few records were kept. The cost in US personnel has likewise been kept a national secret for National Security Reasons, so we don’t even know how many people died in uniform, or how many have been severely damaged because again the records of the injured have also been lost or mishandled along with way.

What was admitted to early on was 3 billion dollars and 3 million dead ­ but by the time the MEDIA finished with that, both figures had dropped to around a billion dollars and maybe one million killed, The wounded and permanently disabled have not been mentioned. This does not count Afghanistan, where we’re still losing after fighting there for 14 years. The same kinds of figures are also given for Afghanistan, and Iraq ­ which were both wars that United States has clearly lost ­ so why the hell are we still there?

Back to the short list of the five international War-Presidents & the wantta-be that is still running for the office that she has yet to attain. The number of those that these ex-presidents, plus Hillary, have accounted for is staggering no matter how that figure is measured, found or tracked. And as for the original war that began 27 years ago, that number is both huge and still classified, if it was ever recorded. Suffice it to say that these war-criminals are responsible for tens of millions of deaths worldwide, and perhaps five to ten times that many severely wounded or permanently disabled ­ the rapes, tortures and sex slavery were not counted.

GWH Bush, No.41 has his years behind the scenes and in his stint as CIA Director, to account for in his then war on Panama where he ordered 4,000 Panamanians to be burned alive ­ something he capped off with the 1991 War on Iraq, in his effort to disarm and capture Saddam Hussein ­ which he failed to do but he did manage to create the Highway of Death that has gone down in History as one of the most inhumane efforts in any war in history ­ yet despite all that, he failed to kill Saddam – so 41 made certain that the illegal no-fly zone would be maintained until Junior could pick up where he left off in 2003 ­ most of his crimes were part of the Shadow World, so we’ll never know the full extent of that.

Bill Clinton, No. 42 took over from GHW, by taking the mantle from 41 in Czechoslovakia which led to the Bosnia War, the Serbs and huge war crimes, sexual slavery, pedophilia, the selling of illegal drugs & body parts torture and murder on a grand but secretive scale: Much of which continues to this day. Rwanda was nation that asked 42 for help and the USA ignored the people of that nation, while the people of that nation were slaughtered. Clinton Cash was in and out among the shadows but no help arrived, There were also three strikes against Haiti, the deportation of its president twice, and the imposition of poverty beyond belief that has lasted to this day. Wherever Clinton intervened or remained misguided in all that he did people died in huge numbers and everything got worse wherever he or the Clinton Foundation went ­ but along the way he managed to get together with 41 to ask for donations for Haiti that also never made it to the victims. And together with Hillary the Clinton’s managed to con billions out of people for their own private slush fund called The Clinton Foundation that’s still afloat despite all the flack they’re still getting worldwide… That’s part of why I’d like to see this happen.

Hang the Clintons

3 min. 33Sec. VIDEO

Clinton Cash – The Full Movie

1hour 4min 53sec VIDEO

After 4years of 41, eight years of 42 & Hillary: We now come up on 8 more criminal years under the Bushwhacker, No 43. His obsessions are and were illegal to the nines ­ and he was proud of it all. He was the third Bush from the Bush dynasty, his ridiculous brother Jeb was supposed to get in this time, but that idiot failed miserably. Please thank the universe for that long overdue gift!

Beyond all the above we finally come to the creature that spent two years running for the office, without managing to ever disclose his birth records or which of the 27 social-security cards was actually his ­ he claimed to be a lawyer, editor of the Harvard Law review yet nothing of his writing was ever found, and none of his actual background ever made it into the public arena: we have since learned that as a teenager he was a drug-dealer and street prostitute for men, beyond that everything else was shrouded in lies and confusion about what he was, who he was and where he came from. This disaster is called No. 44

In his so-called adult life he ‘hooked-up with Michel’ who was calling himself Michele, and who was a lawyer in Chicago for awhile until “she” was disbarred. Obama for all his claims seems not to know anything about the law or especially the U.S. Constitution. In the last two years the world has finally been officially told he is a Muslim, a Communist and Gay ­ but this does not seem to bother the public much, even as he has been cutting corners to import both Muslims by night, and on the borders by day and night to strengthen the foreign element that hates the United States and everything that it used to stand for ­ it seems doubtful that Obamanation will make it to retirement, but if he does he’d better never ever come back to the USA, for any reason ­ because he’s making enemies by the thousand each and every day.

All of which brings us to the race to become number 45.

If the people of the United States were to finally arrest these five creatures, those next three to five thousand would probably begin to flee, if they could make it before the doors slam shut on them?

I’m not holding my breath, but something major must be done and soon,

if anyone here is to have anything left to ever look forward to again…


– See more at: http://www.rense.com/general96/wanted.htm#sthash.XmHDNiB6.dpuf

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  1. “Five war criminals” add number 6: Reagan, he kept his dren behind closed doors, he is dead but we can dig him up and beat his bones to dust and the bitch wife can watch

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