War Criminal becomes Israeli Defense Minister

History as it Happened – by Damian Lataan

Moshe Ya’alon, an ex-Israeli Chief of Staff and now Member of the Knesset, has been appointed Israel’s Minister of Defense in Netanyahu’s latest government coalition. Ya’alon replaces Ehud Barak.

Ya’alon was Chief of Staff of the IDF in July 2002 when Palestinian activist Salah Shehade was murdered in the Gaza Strip by a one tonne bomb dropped by an Israeli Air Force F-15 jet. Fourteen Palestinian civilians were also killed in the attack.  

In 2005 a group of relatives of victims of the 1996 Israeli shelling of the Lebanese town of Qana, where some 106 civilians died, filed a suit demanding a jury trial against Ya’alon in Washington DC. Predictably, the case went no further. A year later in 2006 Ya’alon was visiting New Zealand on a fund-raising trip when an Auckland court issued a warrant for his arrest on charges relating to the Gaza Strip deaths. The warrant was over-ruled by New Zealand’s Attorney-General and Ya’alon was able to return to Israel. Then in October 2009 Ya’alon was forced to cancel a trip to the UK for fear of being arrested on war crime charges, again relating to the 2002 killings in the Gaza.

This man, who is pro-settlement, stridently anti-Iran, and fervently against the existence of any kind of Palestinian state, will be Israel’s next Defense Minister. This war criminal will probably be shaking President Obama’s hand when the President visits Israel next week.

No doubt more crimes will be planned when they meet.


4 thoughts on “War Criminal becomes Israeli Defense Minister

  1. If you want to know how disgusting and depraved, this because the Palestinian people here were protesting about the Israeli WALL that keeps them compounded in a concentration camp.

  2. No suprise. Remember that the ‘Hanagah units units were comprised of militant Jewish youth and trained by the Nazis. They later became teh Irgun brigade terrorists and laid the foundation of the IDF

  3. So this guy seems to be the equivalent of Moshe Dayan, the one-eyed psychopath who ordered the hit on our Navy Ship back in the day. Doesn’t surprise me. It’s in the Zionist’s blood.

  4. He should fit right in with the rest of the war criminals in the Satanic government of Israhell.

    This should come as no surprise to anyone, considering.

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