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  1. Thanks Missy, I have been screaming this many years (2001) at the radio and my wife, she getting it now. I put this in the front of my mind and filter everything from that view point.

  2. I say print this out and stick one on every car bearing an “o” sticker for starters. Nice Missy, I like it!

  3. Its not like ‘they’ are spraying chemicals on us from planes, or tainting the food supply. Its not like ‘they’ are kicking in peoples doors and killing indiscriminately, or violating personal rights. Its not like ‘they’ lead us into false wars, or steal the nations wealth via treaties and usury. (sarcasm)

  4. You guys Thanks! NC, after the article you wrote the other day, tonight I was on pinterest and this was posted! I was like, WOW EXACTLY! Hey I just got a phone call and it came up UNKNOWN, I answered and it was the GOP, asking for money, I unloaded on this guy, I told him that voting does no good, the machines are rigged, what about all these illegals coming into my country? He could not say anything, I told him don’t ever call this number again! So anyway you guys if you are any social media we do need to repin.

    I have been thinking lately to use their technology against them. I was at the car dealer Monday and my salesman and I were talking, he was in the Air Force in the 70’s, Vietnam vet and he worked in gathering intelligence, he said they were spying on EVERYTHING in the 70’s, he said all the technology the NSA and other alphabet agencies have just makes it easier, they have to spend less road time! He said you cannot escape it, just use it against them! People power, just like Jesus said, if you can get the PEOPLE on your side you can win, it is a war for the MIND!! No AJ pun intended, but if you can get the masses on your side, you win. The question of the day is HOW do you get the masses on your side???

    1. Thanks, Missy. I was just really fuming about everything going on at the border the other day with these illegals when I wrote that. Paul knows what I’m talking about. lol

  5. What we need is some kind of printing press or someone who has access to one to get things like this mass produced and posted everywhere for a cheap price. People don’t like to print things out in mass quantities or are afraid to because of the cost of ink and so on and money is tight for them, myself included.

    We need to find a way to work together to make hundreds of copies of flyers for a cheap or discounted price so we can post them on cars in parking lots and so on. We need to wake people up offline instead of just online.

    Any ideas?

    1. Hey NC.
      I get old inkjet printers(hp) from goodwill for $15-$25. I only get the 6 color with the ink cartridges that dont move. Then from china I get ink for $35-$45 in whats called CISS (continuous ink supply system) Pretty easy to hook up. I print service manuals and full color pics everyday. I have to refill($10) the wells twice a year(jan and july). The ink is not water fast is the only problem so you have to laminate it or not get it moist.

      Hope that helps here is a link

      1. I actually have one in stock with xtra ink refill bottles.
        Im not using it. I have two printers I do use everyday but the third one is new in box still.

    2. No, Just my black and white printer costs are out the roof for my job, I am self employed and cannot charge that back to the client, but the TAX BREAK that I get never covers the real cost. I have found when I need a big printing it is actually cheaper to use the Fed EX/Kinkos copiers or have them print and copy it. BUT then they can see!! So yes printing costs a lot of money, maybe we can try and find a patriot printer out there that has access to the cheap printing. I know they exist!!! We just have to find them!!

  6. Hi Missy,

    Its worse than, “We Are At War”,.. far worse.

    We are ALREADY a captured Nation-State.

    War is what you fight when you are ATTEMPTING,…. to gain Geography (Terrain), Wealth (Money, resources, infra-structure), Man-power (People) – The three quintessential elements that all wars are really fought over.

    They ALREADY have control over 2 of the three (Geography and Wealth),… and are attempting to consolidate control over the last element,… us,… people,.. but an armed population is a difficult, and problematic one to subjugate,.. hence the Gov’t Black-Ops (False-Flags), and the necessity to disarm a nation.

    The question isn’t, “What are we going to do about them TRYING to steal our country”,… they have ALREADY stolen it.

    The questions are :

    1) What are you willing to sacrifice in attempting to TAKE-BACK,.. what has been stolen from us??!

    2) How are we going to hold those responsible?

    3) How are we going to RE-Institute a Constitutional Gov’t? (Remember: There is no functional remnant of the old one left working to build on!”

    We can’t fix a car if we fail to determine what the real problem is,.. and how to repair it,… and its the same with trying to fix a Nation,.. we have to admit the cold, hard, ugly truth,.. which is,.. we are already a captured Nation-State,…. THEN,… we can begin to develop the strategy/tactics to render the necessary remedy to RESTORE the Republic.

    JD – US Marines – We have a problem people,… a very, very,.. LARGE problem here. It is not going to be fixed in one felled swoop, or in a single event or evening.


    1. I somewhat disagree JD. We are still at war. They may have captured our government and some of our land, but they haven’t captured the people and as long as many of us have our guns, our spirit and the moral rule of law on our side, we will never be a fully captured nation.

      1. We are not captured so long as we have access to clean food, water, and can un dig all the firearms and wealth buried in the back yard.

      2. I agree with you NC, we are a country that is still armed to the teeth. We cannot be captured as long as that is so. They are trying as hard as hell to make it happen. It’s up to we the people to say no! We will not be disarmed as the people of Australia were. We remember, and we will fight!

      3. NC,

        Those are NOT Chinese, or Russians, or even Mexicans that are killing, beating, torturing, and imprisoning Americans across this whole country (and in OTHER countries) everyday now,… thats Americans doing that!

        By my crude estimates (and these are crude estimates only…)

        A full 10 – 15% of the population are now HARD-CORE commies.

        20 – 30% are mentally incapacitated and have been largely “communized” to some degree, and would probably not admit it even if you confronted them face to face (the worst kind of commies,…. they don’t even realize it!)

        Another 20% or so are completely bewildered, and know something is wrong,.. but lack the COURAGE to face facts.

        So up to this point,… that there is about 65% (roughly) of the population that they have established control over, because that same 65% will NOT confront this Enemy-Force-In-Occupation,.. meaning,.. they are subjugated.

        This leaves about 45%.

        Out of this,.. we know 5 – 10% will fight.

        Out of the remianing 35%,…. some will wake up,.. some will remain neutral,.. some will simply give in rather than confront.

        That puts approximately (… and again,.. it is debatable,… but whether you move any of these numbers up or down,… makes little difference to the conclusion),… the simply majority of the poulation is under the Rule-Of-Subjugation.

        As I said,.. they are working to establiish control over those that will NOT give in,.. that WILL fight,.. and those that may decide its time to make a decision,.. and no longer tolerate this Criminal Cohort masqurading as a gov’t.

        Well,.. if we round that up to 30% of population,… that’s roughly 90+ MILLION people.

        THIS!!!,.. is their problem,.. the 90+ million!,.. with their firearms,.. NOT the 225 million worthless, pusillanimous, feculent maggots that have already given up.

        JD – US Marines – 90+ MILLION,.. ARMED,.. PISSED OFF Americans!!!,… as Henry says,.. it is the LARGEST ARMED ARMY in the world! (This is their problem!)


          1. 110%??

            Ok,… lets slow down the math a little,…..

            Out of 45%,… 5-10% will fight.

            This leaves 35% (if you assume 10% are your fighting core)

            If we assume out of this “sitting on the fence 35%”,.. 20% decide to Hold-The-Line and fight,…. with the original,.. Hard core 10% we know will fight for sure,… that’s 30%

            Again,.. just a crude approximations that mean nothing to a specific numeric,.. its the general conclusion we are looking to obtain which is,…. these commies are still looking at fighting ABOUT,…. 90 million!,.. give or take a little,…. thats not bad!

            If you assume that I’m off by 200%!,.. that still leaves roughly 45 MILLION that will fight! (If my estimate had determined 45 million,.. but in fact closer to the 90 million fight and Hold-The-Line,… thats a 200% (2 x 45) differential)


          2. “So up to this point,… that there is about 65% (roughly) of the population that they have established control over, because that same 65% will NOT confront this Enemy-Force-In-Occupation,.. meaning,.. they are subjugated.

            This leaves about 45%.”

            Sorry, JD, but 65% + 45% = 110%.

          3. Hi #1,

            Oppss,.. I just saw what you were talking about,.. not the 45%,.. but the 65% + 45% = 110%

            Right you are,.. simple mistake, which I could trim in by adjusting some of the numbers around (typical gov’t acct methods….. hmmm,… actually your right,.. that is commi-core math isn’t it!)

            It was just the general sense of how many people we think MIGHT actually say enough of this crap,… time for the commies to go.

            I still think its anywhere from a low of 15 million,.. to possible high of 90 million,.. so most likely,… the more realistic number is just somewhere in the middle.


          4. Sorry, JD. Couldn’t resist. Got to watch them ‘typical’ so-called ‘government’ accounting methods.

            They make commie core math look sensible by comparison.


          5. Hahaha!! 😆 Glad I’m not the only one horrible at math. Common core education or not.

        1. there, that explains it for me too JD……
          Until you cleared it, I did’t understand your first comment…………thanks….I believe your picture is correct………..there is just a hell of a lot of people in our land who are useless for the cause of freedom…………

          1. Hi Rbeason,

            Yes,.. that is the source of my notional values in this crude formula and even cruder approximations.

            I talk to a LOT of people where-ever I go, to get a feel for their general level of understanding as to what has happened, what is happening,.. and what is going to happen in this country,… and I am frequently APPALLED by the shear COWARDICE and wanton,.. intentional stupity people display!!

            I can tell you right from my own little hamlet (neigbhorhood) here,,.. which is in NJ,… but most consider themselves “sharp,, “cosmopolitian”,… “well informed”,… “New York Savy”,.. and so forth,.. and I will tell you right now,… 96 people out of 100 in my neighborhood,.. are utterly worthless cowards that are not worth what a mangy mongrel leaves on someones lawn.

            They are so “communtized”,.. it truly is not funny.

            I am PRAYING,.. that other parts of the country are experiencing something a little encouraging than I am finding here in the North-East.


          2. Hi JD…I see this! Even the so called hard core, initially, should an assult come from the feds, will only show up in small numbers..Oh they will cheer lead and all..but won’t take the bullets or fire them out either…..and that will be a problem…..so it depends on the unfolding, should such an assult come, just how much fire power we really have…..No one actually knows, probably is the closest answer to the truth….I pray it never begins…cause once truely happening, neither side will be able to easily stop it………thats not good either…..blessings to you JD

      4. I agree NC, the American people cannot be captured as long as we are still armed to the teeth. The corporation is working hard to disarm us, but they are hitting a brick wall at every turn. We will not be another Australia where only the criminals are armed.

    2. What are we willing to sacrifice???? We are willing to sacrifice it ALL for our children’s future. We are ready to fight for our Republic.
      You forgot one on why you fight war. Freedom from tyranny. I have fought the wars form the other BS things. The next one will be for our Republic.
      As far as re-instituting a Constitutional Government, I don’t have the answer to that one. It will be difficult because we will be trading tyrants in DC form tyrants everywhere we live. I don’t know if we can restore this Republic because of that reason, but I will continue to fight for true freedom until I am dead.

      Yes our country may have been taken over, but my family and i will never give in.
      Stay ready to defend your individual freedoms folks.

  7. I am in full agreement with poster but also using the tech against the power that tries to be.Printing posters/talking to folks/using all levels of recording to make recordings of govt gone wrong(on a side note,record good things you see happening,folks need to know good folks out there!),having freedom minded computer folks doing their magic,heck,list is endless but just tackle what you can.I will say at moment a bit wary of posters on car,get ticked when folks touch my car with advertisements ect.,still,plenty of ways to get em out and in sight.

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