1. Can someone PLEASE put a bullet in this bastard and get it over with?

    The very fact that they need to put this mRNA crap in outlet food and milk without our consent is pure proof that they are deliberately trying to kill us. I can’t believe I’m living in such a f@$ked up world where these psychopaths are getting away with absolute murder beyond belief.

  2. I can’t believe people in this world are all just sitting here waiting to be poisoned to death rather than exterminating these psychopaths.

  3. Seriously, where are all the hitmen and snipers to be hired to take these bastards out? Are they all dead or just a bunch of pussies?

    1. Same sort of question I ask myself everyday. ALL of these freaks only have power because people allow them to have it. That & the fact that they’ve used every devious method possible to keep the general masses under control & in complete denial.

    2. Chris Kyle could have made their heads pink mist from abut 2 miles away ,, isn’t it so convenient that he got “murdered” buy a PTSD patient ? or maybe it wasn’t an accident ..I never thought the story made any sense , I believe he was taken out because that skill set is a threat to the PAB

  4. I was born the year Kennedy got shot.. The first one LINCOLN WAS SHOT !! All of America was mourning. WE DIDNT HAVE TRUE FREEDOM then either! We have freedom in this fckd up world via The Bill of Rights UNDER OUR COMMON LAW! Fck the Admiralty Law! We Our Above Them!!! They will be gone! Period

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