We’ve Got A Runner

Apr 10, 2020

This is what a modern-day hero looks like. Dude leaves cop in the dust who tried to apprehend him for openly flouting Coronavirus restrictions. Some upcoming COVID-19 protest dates:

Albany, NY April 16th
Sacramento, CA April 20th
Richmond, VA April 24th
Annapolis, MD April 18th
Harrisburg, PA April 20th
Boise, ID April 17th
Olympia, WA April 19th

Google Re-Open, Your State, Facebook and check for upcoming events in your area.


4 thoughts on “We’ve Got A Runner

  1. I thought it was going to be a clip from that weird British TV series from the 60s called “The Prisoner” where the main character is always trying to escape. Look that up some time for some mind-bending retro programming!

    However, it ended up being much more entertaining! Civil disobedience done right! thanks for posting this H D, have passed on! 😉

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