One thought on “What About Courts and Contracts?


    They do not have jurisdiction just because they say they do.

    and if that was lawful;
    if you contract with another party in a private deal you can hold a hearing and play judge and issue penalties and order an enforcement on the opposite party at your discretion.

    oops there is that word again. YOU cant have it(discretion). It does not exist outside of law. The closest you could come to it would to contract with US Corp and associates which puts you under admiralty maritime and well…
    …its why YOU, ME, WE, THEY, US cant use the system to get OUR way.

    The system is rigged. We all know it.

    If the ‘ones’ who are asleep and blindly follow are called “sheeple”
    What are the ‘ones’ who see it and do nothing called?
    Because I for sure have grown to be the latter.

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