What’s Behind The “Saudis Did 9/11” Lie?

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NY Times: Senator Says He May Back Bill Exposing Saudis to 9/11 Lawsuits


A bill opposed by the Obama administration that would expose Saudi Arabia to legal jeopardy for any role in the Sept. 11 attacks appeared to gain momentum.  

REBUTTAL BY The Anti-New York Times

Regular readers of The Anti-New York Times do not need to be reminded that the horrific attacks of 9/11/2001 were a joint inside-job (CIA, Pentagon, CFR) and outside-job (Israeli Mossad). For those who need a crash course or a refresher, we highly recommend Dr. Albert D. Pastore’s brilliant book, Stranger Than Fiction: An Independent Investigation of the True Culprits Behind 9/11 (here).


Saudis my foot! It is Israeli involvement that needs to be “declassified” and now! 

The “15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis” argument is as phony as the tale of the partially burned passports which miraculously turned up amidst the rubble of New York, DC and Pennsylvania. Remember those? (here) FBI Director Robert Mueller of all people let the ‘cat slip out of the bag’.

From CNN, September 21, 2001:

“FBI Director Robert Mueller has acknowledged that some of those behind last week’s terror attacks may have stolen the identification of other people, and, according to at least one security expert, it may have been “relatively easy” based on their level of sophistication.” (here)

Just two days later, someone at the BBC News also went off script by revealing that “hijackers” were turning up “alive and well’.

From the BBC: September 23, 2001:

Headline: “Hijack ‘Suspects’ Alive and Well”

“Another of the men named by the FBI as a hijacker in the suicide attacks on Washington and New York has turned up alive and well. The identities of four of the 19 suspects accused of having carried out the attacks are now in doubt.” (here)

Even FBI Director Mueller had to admit that the identities of the hijackers (assuming there even were any given the possibility of remote control) were not known. When magic, slightly-burned passports and live “hijackers” started popping up, the myth of the “Saudi hijackers” became even more ridiculous.

Neither the suspicious nature of the magic passports; nor the stunning Mueller revelations; nor the explosive BBC slip-up were given any “legs” by the Piranha Press. It was one-and-done for these “slipped-through-the-cracks” stories as the bewildered Boobuses of the world were left to endlessly repeat the mendacious mantra that we have all heard so many times: “15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis” — “15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis” — “15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis” …

The initial anti-Saudi propaganda was used by the Zionists to leverage Saudi support for the never-ending “War on Terror” – TM. After Iraq was enslaved, the ensuing Israeli-Saudi-USA alliance of ‘ISIS’ / ‘ISIL’ would then go on to clandestinely target Libya, Syria and Yemen. Saudi Arabia’s downward oil price-rigging had also been used to attack oil-producing giants of Iran, Venezuela and Russia. Yes indeed, for the past 15 years, the scumbag Saudi regime has gone above and beyond the NWO’s call of dirty duty.

So, what gives? Why, all of a sudden, has the anti-Saudi “9/11 conspiracy theory” been resurrected? Is this any way to repay such a faithful and obedient ally? When Senator Rand Paul and anti-Globalist Donald Trump recently brought up “the missing 28 pages”, we hopefully attributed it to a possible back-door way of getting to the real culprits. But now that 60 Minutes, The New York Slimes, and Republican’t Senate Leader Bitch McConnell are all over this subject, we believe that we now know what the game is really all about.

After 15 years, the Zionist-controlled Piranha Press is suddenly on a “Saudis did 9/11” kick again. Why?

Some of you who were awake back in 2001 / 2002 may recall the story of the bizarre Power-Point presentation made before Zionist Richard Perle’s very Zionist Defense Policy Board of the Pentagon. The presenter, Rand Corporation analyst Laurent Murawiec, laid out a shocking scenario for mid-east destabilization and conquest.

From Salon Magazine, August 7, 2002:

Headline: “The Power Point That Rocked the Pentagon”

“Diplomatic china rattled in Washington and cracked in Riyadh yesterday when the Washington Post published a story about a briefing given to a Pentagon advisory group last month. The briefing declared Saudi Arabia an enemy of the United States and advocated that the United States invade the country, seize its oil fields, and confiscate its financial assets unless the Saudis stop supporting the anti-Western terror network.”


“But then Murawiec lights out for the extreme foreign policy territory, recommending that we threaten Medina and Mecca, home to Islam’s most holy places, if they don’t see it our way. Ultimately, he champions a takeover of Saudi Arabia. The last slide in the deck, titled “Grand strategy for the Middle East,” abandons the outrageous for the incomprehensible. It reads:

  • Iraq is the tactical pivot
  • Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot
  • Egypt the prize

Egypt the prize?

Because none of the Defense Policy Board attendees are talking candidly about the session, it’s hard to divine what “Egypt the prize” means or if Murawiec’s briefing put it into any context. It sounds a tad loopy, even by Dr. Strangelove standards.”

1 & 2: Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot? Egypt the prize? Murawiec’s warmongering “Grand Strategy for the Middle East” presentation at the Pentagon raised many eyebrows, and questions. 

3: Is this part of the reason why Egypt’s General Sisi is also getting negative Zionist press lately?

Let us “never forget”, as the chosenites like to say, that the two blue lines on the Israeli flag represent the great border rivers of what is to one day become “Greater Israel” — the Nile (Egypt) and the Euphrates (Iraq). A glance at a map tells us that in order to achieve such a dramatic territorial expansion, the destabilization and destruction of certain targeted states must first occur:

  • Iraq: Done!
  • Libya: (Egypt’s strategic depth): Done!
  • Syria: In danger, saved by Russia
  • Saudi Arabia: Now in process?
  • Egypt: After Saudi Arabia?

Perhaps Mr. Murawiec’s 2002 Power Point wasn’t so “tad loopy” after all? The flag, and the projected map of Zion, may very well explain why Saudi Arabia, in spite of its loyal service to the true Axis of Evil, is back under attack — as is, to a lesser extent, General Sisi’s Egypt.

“Prince of Darkness” Richard Perle must have really enjoyed that Power Point presentation. It aligned oh-so-perfectly with the project of a “Greater Israel” stretching between “the two great rivers” described in the self-serving Torah. — 

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3 thoughts on “What’s Behind The “Saudis Did 9/11” Lie?

  1. Non-sense. Too many people are now aware that 9-11 was a big lie, so the Jews are trying to answer their “whodunit” curiosity by supplying evidence that points to Arabs.

    People cannot get the big picture as long as they keep running to Jews for information, and they’re going to have to overcome their “political correctness” brainwashing before they’ll learn the truth.

    We’re being attacked by JEWS…. stop running to them for information. And NO, I’m not a neo-nazi, an anti-Semite, or Hitler’s nephew.

    Americans have had the “racial tolerance” and “anti-bigotry” drummed into their heads for so long they can’t imagine being attacked by an ethnic group, or for being part of one. WAKE UP and smell the coffee: Jews hate you for being white. Chinks hate you for being white. Mexicans hate you for being a gringo.

    I’m not suggesting that anyone be attacked for their race or ethnicity; What I AM saying is that people from foreign countries haven’t had racial tolerance drummed into their heads for decades, so THEY are perfectly comfortable with racial attacks.

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