When a microwave oven is running, you should be too

microwaveI’ve been preaching against the use of these devises for years…..

I stopped using them many years ago. When I put two and two together about them killing food and the lack of nutrients in food consumed. All you’re eating is “dead food filler” once it’s been irradiated. In fact, I just heated up my supper in the oven…..a BBQ plate.  

So it takes 10 minutes…at least I know my food will benefit me. Trenchers and Trenchettes, just use your oven to heat your food….it’s much safer in the long run….”Why Kill Your Food ?”

The body doesn’t know what to do with hydronized food, and nuked food is much the same…I am sure of it. As with the hydronized food, the body stores it or passes it. The stored food most likely becomes the causes for many modern day ailments.

Natural News – by S. D. Wells

Nary is there a human being on Earth who doesn’t know that microwave ovens irradiate food, destroy nutrition and are hazardous to your health, but for so many, the convenience of them wins the battle, and you can find a “nuker” (radiation oven) in more than 90% of U.S. homes and in most office “break rooms” across the globe. Having a microwave oven is almost as common place as having a television.

What hardly any person knows is that metals in the body, including in dental fillings, can expand and cause chronic pain and damage, in ways nobody is even thinking about, including doctors. Plus, when those metals expand, they can release toxins into the blood, like mercury. This is worth considering.

Where do you stand when something is cooking in a microwave oven? How close are you to it? Do you wait for say, the last 20 to 30 seconds, right in front of the door, ready to pop it open, as if it’s safe as long as the door is closed? Who told you that?

To appreciate the damage that’s being done to humans by microwave ovens, one first must understand how microwave ovens actually work, and then you can apply that to the effects on your mercury amalgam dental fillings, your rods, pins, screws and metal plates that repaired broken bones and, of course, pacemakers.

How microwave ovens work and why you shouldn’t even be in the room

“Nukers,” as many call them, produce microwave radiation that interacts with molecules in food. That wave “energy” changes the polarity of those molecules from positive to negative with each cycle of the wave, at millions of times per second. This severe agitation (and friction) bombards the food and forcefully deforms it. The scientific name for this is “structural isomerism.”

You’ve heard of radiation from the conventional treatments, especially in the USA, that are given to cancer patients to attempt to destroy cancer cells. Yet, radiation itself is the result of nuclear decay. A microwave oven decays the molecular structure of food, and the packaging of that food leaches toxins into the food, like BPA, and that’s just the beginning of the damage being inflicted. Think about what happens outside of that oven, within 10 to 20 feet, to a person’s “organic” self, including metals that can expand from those “rays.” Do you think the cheap plastic door on your microwave oven is protecting you, containing all of that activity? Do you get headaches and body aches in specific places from “hanging around,” waiting for your food to finish being nuked? Does your jaw hurt on the side where you have mercury amalgam fillings? Do your bones and muscles hurt where you’ve broken them in the past and had reconstructive surgery, especially with metal rods and pins? Maybe you got titanium and you think you’re safe. It’s time to figure it out!

Aluminum and silver expansion

Composite dental fillings often contain acrylate, aluminum, formaldehyde, hexane, polyurethane, strontium, mercury and copper. Aluminum makes the composite filling last longer. These composites bind to the tooth structure. Amalgam is just the generic term applied to the silver-mercury type of filling, which is still very common in 2014. Silver has been used for over 150 years and is inexpensive for dentists to use. The materials alone only cost about one dollar. Your nerve tissue and your kidneys are at high risk from exposure to mercury, which could be releasing from your fillings when the aluminum expands in your teeth while you’re camped out next to the running microwave oven. Mercury has been proven to cause brain damage in children and is linked to neurological and gastrointestinal problems, not to mention Alzheimer’s disease. Plus, since the 1970s, non-gamma-2 (high copper) fillings release many more times mercury vapor than the older style of amalgam.

Run from the “nuker”

Studies already show that simply brushing and chewing can cause the release of significant amounts of mercury from fillings, so when microwave ovens are expanding your fillings, think about the repercussions. This mercury can build up in the brain, pituitary and adrenal glands, and other parts of the body. Do you have IBS and use a microwave? Does someone you know have Parkinson’s disease after having owned and used a microwave oven for years? Are you pregnant and living in a home with a nuker?

Alert! Amalgam fillings (mercury) react to microwave ovens!

If you have mercury amalgam fillings, have them removed safely by a holistic dentist as soon as possible and replace them with biocompatible materials. There are safe alternatives. Then, throw away the microwave oven; that way, you won’t have to run the other direction every time it’s running. Remember, rods, pins and steel plates react to microwave ovens, and people with pacemakers should never be even remotely near a radiation oven. Use common sense and heat your food in a safe pot or pan. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/045036_microwave_oven_dental_fillings_mercury.html#ixzz31S6LFusm

14 thoughts on “When a microwave oven is running, you should be too

  1. Thank you Paraclete for this article. Very informative, as we “nuke” food in our house all the time. We knew they were bad, but convenience. 🙁 Now that I know they affect the fillings in my teeth, we will ween ourselves, I am buying a toaster oven on the way home from work tomorrow. Way safer. Thanks again!!!! We need these reminders, convenience kills. Period.

  2. If a person with a pacemaker cant be near it you shouldnt either. Same for babies and pregnant woman. If they are at a health risk, so are you.

  3. Thanks Paraclete for a very informative article. I haven’t had a microwave in my home for well over 8 years. I use a toaster oven to reheat or the stove top. We never had a microwave growing up until my dad got one in 1976, as a 25th year perk for working for his company.

    A couple of years ago, just before Halloween, the cashier at Sam’s Club was handing out free microwave popcorn bags (un popped of course). I declined the sample explaining to her that I didn’t have a microwave. Needless to say, she looked at me as if I had 3 heads, and said she has never heard of anyone who did not have one. I tried to explain the benefits of not using one, but could tell by the look in her eyes that all was over her head.

    Most people have no idea the dangers of using them, and some know and just don’t care. All we can do is educate as many as possible.

    1. Your story reminds me when I went to Subway and made my order I told the girl “I haven’t been to a Subway in over 5 years”. She looked at me with this startled look on her face and couldn’t believe it. I must be getting old.

  4. I have never owned, try this take two plants put in the kitchen and microwave the water let it cool, put in one of the plants. Water the other plant with tap water and see what happens!!

    1. Wow Joe, we did this experiment, and that is what prompted us to throw the microwave to the curb. I almost forgot about it until I saw your post.

  5. Thank you Paraclete and everyone for your input.. I’ve known for a long time that it was bad, my promise to you all, it will be gone this week.. Thank you all…

  6. Do you have any clue the orgasm I had when I put 20 Ak rounds in my microwave 🙂
    On another note: black sabbath War pigs done by a musical group called “cake”
    kinda interesting re-make if interested.

    p.s. Henry…the security question wont work soon as common core sets in..lol if ya get the humor…4 + 4 equals anything I want it to be etc..ok u get it 🙂

  7. After cooking a $3.33 Red Baron’s Pizza in my gas oven I only ate 4 pieces and had 4 left over. I’ll be dammed if I will use a dollar in gas to reheat the other 4. In the microwave it goes… usually 2 slices at a time until it’s gone. My microwave is over 30 years old, it was my mothers. I’m not going to throw it out. But there is one thing I do. After turning it on I walk away into the other room. Standing right in front of the microwave while it’s on gives me the willies.

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