Where have the Real American Heroes Gone?

My Name is Joe Cortina

Chris Kyle is perhaps the most evil military figure to disgrace honor patriotism decency and selflessness in our history since colonial times. He was a war criminal racist bigot and typical brain sharing Texas moron redneck. I have heard his Zionist IsraHELL jew worshiping parents speak and they are as hateful ignorant elitist and racist and Christ mocking as he was.

You know the type – wears a beard – lots of aggressive looking poses like biker trash do – and one of those red neck hats like racist trash Toby Keith – so as to look more macho and mean. His entire inbred family are trailer trash and super racist hypocrites – especially his wife like two demons in a pod – were made for each other.  

The represent the very WORST of Merkan filth and Kyle was the classic sociopathic deranged reprobate insane killer – only he was a PAID killer – an assassin with a license to murder as many innocent “sand-nigger camel jockeys” and “towel – heads” as he could find in his cross hairs.

By his own insane words – it did not matter if they were children or pregnant mothers or sick and elderly or only defending THEIR OWN HOMES and honor and families against our terrorist invasion and occupation.

Did you know that this scumbag had planned to get rich by forming a company that trains police thugs how to terrorize and subdue ( read MURDER) American families that might still believe they had any Constitutional rights once martial law is declared? Paid for by YOUR Hard earned tax dollars – it would employ genocidal jew terrorist techniques as used against Palestinian civilian prisoners? This psychopath serial killer is what you want YOUR son to be like? Are you insane?

By his own filthy heartless racist black soul – he rejoiced in the death anguish terror and unspeakable pain he caused innocent people whose ‘crime’ was to defend THEIR OWN HOME AGAINST our terrorist military. Children – pregnant mothers – protective fathers – he gladly would murder ANYONE who spoke or dressed differently. This was the racist terrorist filth he learned from his scumbag racist father – a raving lunatic who preached racial hatred and death to “all them animal ‘A’ -rabs.

Yes terrorist. I am very experienced in international terrorism and have been there seen that done that. I have been requested as an advisor to a friendly republic to help deal with foreign marxist terrorist intervention. I have hunted them down with rapid deployment foreign Special Forces – interrogated them – and witnessed the crimes they committed against innocent people – and just as jew terrorists do – mostly against helpless children.

The largest institutionalized terrorist group on earth today is the US military – by PUREST definition! The IDF of IsraHELL comes in a close second now.

For those non-military familiar readers – the motto of my former command was “FROM THE OPPRESSOR WE WILL LIBERATE”. I ‘m speaking of Special Operations Command of Ft Bragg ( Special Forces – aka – Green Berets of the early 60s till mid 70s)

Today virtually every Special Forces unit had been perverted by jew influence to be EXACTLY the opposite of what we were intended to do. These uneducated ignorant loser scum are NOW the opposite of the liberators. We have become the oppressors and terrorists our selves. Records of war crimes against civilians protecting THEIR OWN country would fill a small library. That is NOT intended as a joke. That is NOT an exaggeration.

Ask any of the intelligent old school troops and they will tell you the truth – if honest. Today’s Green Berets are scum, frauds and immature sociopathic terrorists – all products of jew training. You may not like what you hear – but it is the God’s honest truth and I would swear it so on the souls of my children. You can LEARN and gain wisdom here or if you prefer – die ignorant. Your choice.

It may be a hurtful reality to some who cannot handle truth – but the TRUTH is THE TRUTH and is INVIOLATE. These same Chris Kyle mentality criminals will NOT hesitate to murder YOUR family for one second if ordered to. I know. I have had my life threatened by these criminal psychopaths on my own website.

WHY? simply because I have ALWAYS defended the defenseless innocents. It is roughly called the Knights Code and is centuries old. Defend the defenseless – feed the hungry – clothe the naked – and give hope to the hopeless. I have tried as best I can to render this aid and compassion to the Palestinians and other brave oppressed Arab people.

Read some of the vile baseless slanderous reader comments and see for yourselves – the level of hatred against any one who stands up to evil racism ignorance cruelty sadism – even the defense of helpless innocent childen. SICK!

You see – the life of that little terrified child whose life I saved from a brutal sadistic Godless jew soldier on dusty street in Gaza – meant something to me. To assassin Chris Kyle he was nothing more that rag-head scum who deserved to have his head blown off. “Bug splatt” was his favorite description after a bullet blew a child’s brains all over the street. READ IT FOR YOUR SELF! Boy – that takes a REAL man to murder a terrified helpless defenseless child from the shadows.

To me – he was precious child of God – innocent helpless hungry and terrified who had probably recently witnessed both parents and his brothers and sister murdered by jew terrorist IDF thugs and their home wrecked by an Amerikan built Caterpillar bulldozer. You may laugh if you wish – but I will never forget that day – full knowing the child was probably murdered by the jews the same week. At least I tried and gave him a few more precious hours or days of life.

Read the reader comments at the end. I can almost promise you will see the deep level of hatred from some who admire the child murderer Kyle – and would rather see me dead. This is what we have come to since I wore the silver paratroop wings with honor.

According to this redneck inbred country bumpkin moron – if YOU or I were defend our OWN homes from AN invading foreign military force – we deserved to die simply because we resisted their military. Read Kyle’s sick demented twisted psychopathic insanity for your selves. Let me put that insanity in another light.

Remember the blockbuster film – Red Dawn – a 1984 film about a foreign invasion by aggressive ruthless murderous bad guys – and the valiant fight put up against modern war weapons by a group of small town school age man and women. I suggest ALL American families to see it and imagine that these kids were YOUR sons or daughters

BUT – Killer Kyle – the Texas red neck hypocrite racist, by HIS OWN WORDS considered these brave kids in the story to be ” violent animals” and nothing but “bug splatt” and “scum of the earth” for the audacity of fighting back against evil. In HIS book – ALL of these American heroes would deserve to die violent deaths for standing up to occupying miitary terrorists like himself.

Can you say HYPOCRITE? This putrid overpaid sick twisted sociopathic mercenary murderer committed these cowardly horrific crimes against innocent people because of his racism and by his own words – had NO REMORSE WHAT SO EVER for creating countless widows and orphans like the one I saved – at least for a while.

What kind of subhuman sadistic Godless Christ mocking putrid reptile scum would consider a demonic criminal like Kyle to be not only a hero for his cowardly deeds -but a role model for our children? I will get to THAT specific creature further down – so keep reading keep learning and keep getting better informed.

I’ll tell you what kind of stinking filthy sick puke – inbred imbeciles and morons like the Texans who embrace evil as only a demon could. I have made a study of Merkan Gulf War criminals and the facts show that an inordinate percentage of these Godless scum are from Texas. In fact – some of the most racist criminal mass murderers traitors and country sellers have been Texans.

Both Bush criminals were Texans. Bush Jr. was responsible for the murders of over two million innocent human beings in Iraq and Afghanistan. The drunken alcoholic filth that insured the fate of our sons and fathers and brother aboard the USS Liberty would be massacred by the filthy stinking jews. That treasonous jew loving freedom hating POS was VP Lyndon Johnson. The list is endless.

The mass murder of over 75 innocent men women and children was committed by cowardly Texans in Waco – Remember? I do! How about Bonnie & Clyde and the Dalton Gang. John Wesley Hardon – Sam Bass – Belle Star – Billy the Kid – Jesse James and hundreds more – all arrogant criminal Texans.

There is a part of AmeriKan culture that I simply do not like. That evil is Imperialism. It is evil to the core. There are NO good imperialist nations or people. The war for OUR independence was AGAINST British imperialism. It is against the laws of man and the laws of God. Thou shalt NOT STEAL Thou shalt not kill ( read; murder) Thou shalt NOT covet thy neighbors property.

Imperialism is the theft of another man’s land and home and culture and freedoms by military force and or deceitful coercion. The basis of this horrible sin against humanity is GREED – a sin within itself. ANY Time you hear or read about – “it is Ok to take what we want by force” such as parts of another country like Mexico – you are listening to Satan and Satanic people. The vast majority of Texas people I have known are either racist to the core – hypocrites – war mongers – drunkards – violent – irresponsible and or sociopaths.

The British were one of the most racist brutal cruel nations on earth in this respect. We are also guilty. We have stolen and murdered for greed as evidenced in our blood for oil foreign policies. We – as a fledgling nation wishing our independence -and who won it in a bloody conflict – liked to be considered lovers of freedom – yet we in actuality have become trashers of freedom here and abroad and have threatened to invade a new sovereign nation almost every year for over a decade now to satisfy the Jew worshiping BaptDUH lust for more and more innocent Arab blood.

Then we submit to greed and hypocrisy and what we couldn’t buy barter trade or negotiate – we stole by violence – ALWAYS under some bullshit pretext – whether it was Mexican land or Spanish land or Indian land or now Arab land.

I can scarcely bring myself to call the Texans at the Alamo heroes or patriots. When we get to the state of ‘might makes right’ – we have become as delusional thugs -no better than common thieves – just bigger ones. It is time consuming but take time to see how many of these ‘Mid-East Gulf War’ criminals are Chris Kyle Texas mentality clones

War criminals abound in Texas. It is a State of thugs morons illiterates trailer trash drunkards bullies and reprobate scum. Don’t get mad at me – I didn’t CREATE the situation. You racist Texas rednecks have worked hard to EARN your putrid reputations.

An interesting phenomenon of illiterate rednecks. Read my original condemnation of mass murderer Kyle and the defense of the plain ordinary families who were murdered By Kyle for simply defending their own homes. ALL of the hate comments were from illiterate rednecks who couldn’t even spell simple words correctly – even the profanity.

Read this masterpiece of this Boobus AmeriKanus Moronicus. ( no I didn’t misspell the comments). There are TEN gramatical errors in ONE sentence! Did you find them? I rest my case.

“cris kyle is one of the best snipers and he only kills by the law he dont got a choise who he kils so dont blame him blame ths u.s goverment”

ALL of the positive commentary from people grateful for the TRUTHS I provided in this minefield of mainstream media lies – were well thought out and showed intelligence – see for yourself. Meaning? Well educated people usually love truth and wisdom. Morons do NOT want to be reminded they have the IQs of retarded clams. They REJOICE and wallow in stupidity!

Almost every one I have known from Texas is an alcoholic and narcissist that somehow believes that they are superior to the rest of us. I do NOT see this ugly trait in most other States of the Union. Shrinks tell us that overly inflated egos are often signs of inferiority – which almost always has to do with issues of ignorance.

The level of criminal ignorance in these people is dazzling. They belong to a self-proclaimed sub-culture that worships arrogance elitism racism and are some of the most ignorant creatures on earth. Finding a true modest informed educated Christian in Texas would be like finding a decent truthful moral jew in a Synagogue of Satan.

That may explain why that – in Texas – per capita – there are more war criminals there than most any other state. IF – you are brain dead stupid and a racist hypocrite – apparently Texas is the place for you. A recent poll in Texas showed that about one forth of the entire population operates at imbecile level as evidenced by the revelation that only in Texas are people so incredible stupid as to believe that our President is a MUSLIM.!!!

As evil treasonous reprobate and Godless as he had proven himself especially as a genocidal war criminal against the Arab people – anyone who is halfway informed and not brain-dead would know that NO TRUE MUSLIM would EVER conduct himself or herself in such an evil Godless fashion.

To put it in perspective. BaptDUHS are the most ignorant inbred racist brain-dead stupid hypocrite war mongering Christ mocking ‘church’ members on EARTH! These inbred retards have FACTUALLY caused more wrongful death destruction violence misery racism hatred and suffering from their support of the demonic Christ hating jews that ALL of Satan’s efforts to destroy Christianity from within for the past hundred years!

And – that fact having been revealed – The FACT that there there are more Southern Baptists ( read BaptDUHS) in Texas than any other State, pretty well explains why Texans as a specific exclusive group are so perniciously evil and corrupt – AND so abysmally and CRIMINALLY STUPID.

Perfect example of this inane stupidity. In my previous article exposing war criminal Chris Kyle – I did not make a big issue out of the fact that Texans themselves are so remarkably criminally stupid. At the time I was not aware of the huge percentage of brain dead Christ mocking Satan worshiping Southern BaptDUH redneck idiots.

Here is a verbatim comment from the old article from obviously an entire clan of BaptDUH morons showing their arrogance and pride in their association with Christ haters. you have to ask your self two questions ( 1) why would this Texas red neck cretin be calling himself and family Christians – yet defending defending a sadistic Godless arrogant NON-REPENTANT racist mass murderer. and (2) why would he be taking time to read facts wisdom and insight on moral matters he does neither have the ability to understand or intellectually process or even care to learn.

“Hay man lay off Texas. I’m a Texan, my wife is a Texan and most of my family are texans. We are all Christians and have all come from a military family that believes in death before dishonor. So lay off my home state”

Have you connected the dots by now? I rest my case. Texans are always babbling on ceding from the Union. Well – That would make my day it would surgically remove a MAJOR cancer from what was envisioned by the Founding Fathers as a light among nations.

Which brings me to my closing argument against putrid scumbags like Chris Kyle and their war criminal red neck scum ilk. Recently some degenerate longhaired POS wrote a glowing puff piece on mass murderer Chris Kyle.

This dicktard couldn’t say enough flattering lies about this world class professional assassin child murderer and ugly racist. I did an article about his evil life and damned him to eternal hell for his unspeakable crimes against some of world’s bravest people who risk their lives 24-7 against a technically superior force of insane greedy demonic filth who are without ANY honor goodness compassion logic reasoning goodness or humanity. And guess what – a few weeks later he answered the prayers of hundreds of millions of informed Godley decent human beings and is now in Hell with he who bought his soul.

None of these reprobate subhuman murderous sadistic trash were even born when I trained their Grandfathers how to DEFEND this nation and our people well over a half century ago. Their numbers are legion as they serve Satan with absolutely NO remorse for the most prolific commission of war crimes outside of the USSR or Red Chinese ever committed in our ENTIRE history!.

I have spent nearly a thousand hours over the past decade reading true accounts of grizzly crimes against innocent human beings without reason or justification whatsoever. ALL of these rotten to the core putrid murderous filth have been part of a MERCENARY MILITARY!

NOT ONE MOTHER’ SON WAS FORCED TO DO THESE HORRID CRIMES. ALL of these scum were losers who couldn’t make it in honest jobs where they might actually do something good decent or productive for their families and fellow man. They were preached hatred racism and bigotry since they were teens. They ALL have denounced Christ and embraced Satan as their lord and god. Damn them all to hell. I will not allow one of these cammo garbed pukes inside my home.

They are ALL a disgrace to their country their families and God. They are NOT soldiers. I knew and trained soldiers – LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of young men who had hearts and souls and humanity – but that was two entire generations ago before we sold our collective souls to the jew and his master – Satan!.

We have no more journalists – just sensation seekers exactly like the one who recently wrote and promoted the lies about mass murderer Kyle. His name is Michael J. Mooney. He is fat long haired puke ( who has certainly never served his country) whose journalistic centerpiece is about some putrid Frat rat trash called Beer pong. This is one of those tragic wastes of humanity and wisdom that has become a “popular AmeriKan pastime” for our privileged youth.

His hallmark piece of journalistic achievement is – you guessed it – a  diatribe on the ‘fine points’ of public drunkenness in low life bars where the ‘game’ ends up with floors covered with spilled beer and vomit. Just the kind of shallow stupid irresponsible disgusting thing I want my sons AND  foreigners to identify the American ‘culture ( not) by.

The biggest concern by the maggot & lice infested animals who indulge  themselves in this immature childish shit of public drunkenness – is contracting herpes from other bar trash – OR – now get this – being But  raped by some pervert – when you are so blind drunk you didn’t even know you were sodomized. Here is another shot of the puke who deified war criminal Kyle

Look it up for your self – then look at the puke who wrote it. ( Above) Of course – a puke like Mooney who thinks sodomy and rolling in your vomit and stale beer on a bar room floor is cool – it is not so hard to make the jump to presenting a degenerate Godless remorseless racist mass murderer like Chris Kyle – as the reincarnation of Jesus Washington and Audi Murphy.

ALL DECENT PARENTS – do NOT allow this outrage to happen. One your impressionable sons come to idolize an anti -Christ like figure – their lives may be permanently trashed. YOU WILL lose them to the ‘dark side’ forever.

Readers are always asking me – What can we do? DO the right thing . Write this degenerate puke and tell him to take his filth elsewhere – or wake up one day to discover that your decent sensitive kind compassionate son has become a racist and wants to go kill innocent defenseless Christian or Muslim Arab families for the jews like Chris Kyle .

Customer Appreciation Day @ Subway | …
threedudesonacouchradio.com/2011/04/17/customer-appreciation-day…Beer Pong. Sodomy. Vomit. Rolling in the mud. Thinking I have alcohol poisoning. “PENNEH!” Karate demonstration on bushes. Teaching people how to perform Harry

More proof of degenerate AmeriKa – the NOT so beautiful anymore. Before you lose it all – wake UP and do something that will make your children proud.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews ( and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.



15 thoughts on “Where have the Real American Heroes Gone?

  1. Wow! Quite the article. Don’t know what to say. I guess no more, “Don’t mess with Texas”, huh? lol

    For the record, I was not born in Texas, but I am living there. Ahem! lol

    1. Hey NC,Everyone on this site knows you aint included in this catagory.You Have stood up to be counted and should in no way think otherwise.

        1. It’s Biggie with us. The opinionated AH (Cortina) knows Nothing about the people of Texas. Every state has trash. “Mr” Cortina stated his opinion and he’s entitled to it, just as we all are. But GEEZ, he doesn’t even know that the Bushs are NOT Texans (MASS & CT). His sweeping characterizations of the state, and everyone in it, are just plain ignorent. Florida can keep him.

        1. Hey, I have no problems with Texans, Angel. I love the state. Way better and freer than NY as far as I’m concerned. With the exception of Rick Perry and the Bush’s (even though the Bush’s are not Texans).

          Hell, even Buffalo, NY and Commiefornia are bad. Same with Illinois, just to name a few. No place is great like you said. I was just being sarcastic about the article. My bad.

          1. 🙂 😉
            The comment/reply I made, directly above your reply, was directed to Steve saying “Everyone on this site knows you ain’t included in this category.” LOL We all know you’re from NY, just as everyone knows Hubby & I are from TX 🙂
            I know you were being sarcastic. 😉 Sorry, didn’t mean for it to come across as “coming down” on You.

        2. Yes and thats why I IGNORED you,wake up and loose your silly ego angle,I have to answer for my steps on this journey and you and your’s will have to do the same.I have tried to ignore and keep it civil with your guilty sensitive self so just leave this ol sleeping dog alone.I have no thoughts towards you and wish you only the best and hope you find the inner peace I have.
          If its worth anything whatsoever ,in my opinion you went from bad to worse in your living location,hope this make’s you feel better about yourself,I replied to N C because he made THE STATEMENTdamnnnnnnnn

  2. I am really really shocked at this nonsense tirade from a guy I thought had half a brain (due to his dissing of Christian Zionism and the Talmud, the most evil book ever written). Yes, many native Texans are Israel lovers because they are under strong delusion for following Hagee and the like when they think they are following Christ, and many native Texans think they believe in liberty when in fact they want something for nothing (and I confess I am no lover of white trash/redneck stupidity and love of ignorance), but as someone who loves living in Texas (beats living in New York I’ll tell you that!), I think Cortina is downright offensive especially when he himself rants using the same poor grammar that any ignorant redneck would use–and consider himself superior to a redneck! Do not judge, Mr. Cortina, lest you be judged (you do know that Christ Himself said that, do you not?)

  3. WOW I thought you were gonna have negative comments (like you said) Boy I thought this was an article about the POS Kyle. But you went on your uneducated rant on Texans and rednecks. Most of Texans are transplant yankees. And who can blame them lol.. True rednecks were against the bishops of England.( Irish-Scots) or Vatican house of satan !!! Dude your rascist agains a whole state. You dont even know me,but you were right about my drinking lol.. But you left out the pot smokin hippy part. Man there is no way I would glorrify Kyle by buying his book. When he was murdered I was at my moms house and I said good that POS is dead and my mom thought I was stupid. So if you bought his book and could send me a page or 2 on how he is so proud of killing children and pregnant mothers I would sure try to change her mind on him. But then she still believes 911 was bin laden. So please dont lump the whole state into your beliefs. Because Im the dumba.. that knows that the brittish crown and the vatican,and our own presidents are all satan worshippers. Dont spread hate,spread love and knowledge. BTW Im a proud redneck !!! NOT A RASCIST

  4. this guy can kiss my ass. Anyone that can stereo type an entire state is no different that the racists he is talking about. Chris Kyle may have been what he is saying, but leave the real rednecks alone. I consider myself a real redneck. He talks about the Army being no more than terrorists now. Well, I think the military he claims to have been in was no different. They just didn’t have drones. Yall can keep him in Florida, we don’t want him in Louisiana for sure.
    He writes an entire article about a dead man. Spec Ops may be what he says, but I bet he wont use those words to their faces. He sits behind a keyboard and talks a lot of shit. We don’t need people like him to try to create the view that everyone who is a redneck or was in the military is a murdering racist. He is no different than that bitch on MSNBC that calls us all racists. Do me a favor joe, don’t try to help us, you don’t have a clue about us.
    I just went to this guys site. He has an article there titled VLADIMIR PUTIN IS THE GREATEST LEADER OF MODERN TIMES – LEARN IT AND THEN BELIEVE IT!. If you love that murderous communist go there and become Russian. Putin is no different than any other communist on this earth.

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