9 thoughts on “WhistleBlower Head of FBI tells all from NWO

  1. Hi guys..Loving the whistleblowers, they are only telling us what we already knew, but nobody listens to us huh? We are just lil ol FTT readers. 🙂
    I wonder why the likes of AJ has not made a bigger deal out of the WORLD BANK associate who blew the whistle. Below is the 24 minute link. This lady worked for the most powerful entity on earth bar Jesus Christ. She knows.
    And thanks to FTT to let me post without having to have a google account.

    1. Student (some say handler ?) of Anton LaVey, the author of the Satanic Bible and founder of the church of Satan.

      Monroe, Mansfield and Sammy Davis Jr. were members.

      1. I didn’t know about Monroe, Mansfield and Sammy. It’s crazy that Aquino was a high ranking officer. He made the military acknowledge Satanism as a religion.
        I’m not a believer but I believe that evil exists.
        Since the NWO believes in Satan, they have to believe there is a God. You can’t have it both ways.That means they are fighting a holy war.
        I think they are underestimating decent people that have no faith. Most of us believe that others have the right to believe in whatever God they choose as long as they harm no one. Most will not accept Satanism or a chip just because it’s not the right thing to do.
        What really upsets me is that children have been used to compromise Government, Religious leaders, businessmen and others. That’s the worst crime there is. How could they have been so stupid to fall for that “bait” and not realize they were going to be blackmailed with it later? How could they sully the innocent at all?

  2. …gee…men like this who made their way up trough the ranks of the FBI…just doing the “right thing”….where we’re they when JFK had his head blown off… how about Watergate…Iran-Contra….Savings & Loan Debacle…Housing Finance Rip-off…..911

    If these guys want some of us to believe in the FBI/CIA/DEA ever again… …they had better start working on the corrupt politicians…just dismantle them and charge the correct folks….convict and hang them all….

    RJ O’Guillory

    1. …this was a bad shot at someone who seems to have been trying to do a good job…I guess we cannot have one person be expected to solve all the problems…it seems this man has the right facts…and follow-on philosophy that supports freedom….good for him…(I think)….hope he stays off of planes….

      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

      1. I feel suspicious of a lot of these people too. They were trained to decieve after all. One example is John Perkins from Diary Of An Economic Hitman fame. I learned a lot from him but I despise him. The man made a fortune sacking countries and dooming the people of those countries to worse poverty then they already faced. Now he’s getting even richer doing lectures and writing books.
        It’s wonderful he came out to enlighten the sheep.Still he didn’t have a conscience while doing those things or knowing about assasinations and coup d’etats against democratically elected leaders that wanted to help their own people instead of accepting bribes and corruption as a norm.
        I understand your skepticism.

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