Who benefits from the Ferguson shooting?

20150312Hagmann and Hagmann – by Daniel Hagmann

March 12, 2015:  Minutes after midnight this morning local time, shots rang out amid the presence of protestors and police in gathered outside of the police station in Ferguson, Missouri. Two police officers on duty from neighboring departments were seriously wounded. One 32 year-old officer from Webster Groves was shot in the face, and a 41 year-old officer from St. Louis County was shot in the shoulder. Whether by pure luck or poor or perhaps incredible marksmanship, thankfully, both officers are expected to survive.

But something smells bad about this incident. I suspect we are being “gamed” in a manner few have bothered to consider.  

Initial reports stated that the shots came from a gunman “embedded” within a group of protestors that gathered outside of the police department last night in response to the police chief’s resignation. His resignation, along with a number of other city employees, was the direct result of an extensive and scathing 105-page report released on March 4, 2015 by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. That report was commissioned by Holder and Barack Obama after Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson was exonerated from any wrongdoing by a state grand jury related to the on-duty shooting death of Michael Brown.

Further investigation of the origin of the shots, however, found that the shooter was notembedded within the group of protestors, but far behind them, atop a knoll near Tiffin Avenue. The positioning of the shooter, the timing of the shots, and the timing of the shooting in general relative to the Justice Department’s report should be of serious concern and not dismissed out of hand.

Readers of my columns will recall my source within the Department of Homeland Security asserting that members within and associated with Obama and Holder were, and are, doing everything possible to foment a new racial divide, or plainly stated, cultivate a new race war. I have written prolifically about the planned, orchestrated take-down of America from within, with the exploitation of racial division being a key strategy and expertly employed as one of a series of methods of our own destruction.

Over the last few years, I have written extensively about my sources’ inside information about economic chaos as well, that will perhaps coincide or converge with this new race war being planned from the pit of the Potomac, the belt hole of the Beltway, by those who actually control the leaders and their agenda. It’s the destroy us from within. Today, quite literally, we are seeing the race war being ratcheted up with Ferguson as “ground zero.”

A staged shooting?

It was during the early hours of this morning, within 30 minutes of the shooting in Ferguson that I was contacted by my source within the Department of Homeland Security. He conveyed his concern that the shooting was staged based on conversations with other officials in the days following the release of the March 4th Justice Department’s report. He stated that the report did not seem to have the “desired effect” on the general public as expected from those who had it commissioned. It went “flat” within the media, and there was also some push back from some Ferguson officials. The situation behind the scenes was “tense,” he said.

This source stated that the protests that formed last night were coordinated by key members of one or perhaps two groups closely associated with organizations that can be traced back to “Soros money,” or groups funded by the infamous George Soros. “What troubles me is what I’ve been hearing about an event, or series of events, that are needed to usher in a ‘summer of 1968 on steroids.’ Something that would absolutely galvanize the public into opposing camps for a greater cause. And the cause,” he added, “is to create a reason to clamp down on guns, freedoms, and impose other restrictions that are inconsistent with our way of life. We’re talking about the complete transformation of our way of life as sketched out by the revolutionaries of the 1960’s,” he stated.

According to this source, the shooting early this morning was completely out of place.

“What happened in Ferguson should stand out like a sore thumb to anyone with a working brain. It was contrived, pre-planned, and purposely done, but not for the reasons people think. Everybody tends to think inside the box, and on this one [the shooting], people need to think bigger, because the lies are getting bigger and bolder, and the objectives more evident. The bottom-line objective here is chaos. Pure chaos. And from this orchestrated chaos will come tighter controls and more restrictions on freedom. The timing of this could not be better scripted, It’s right in front of everybody, but nobody seems to be seeing the bigger picture. The big picture is a total take-down of our country by the Marxists in power. Stand back and look at the larger view. This event is just one of many more that will unfold in the weeks and months ahead. Count on it,” he concluded.

Who benefits from the shooting?

In the investigation of a crime, one of the first and primary questions that must be asked is “who benefits?” Accordingly, before we hastily conclude that this was a random act of violence based on racial hatred, we must ask this one very basic but most important question: who stands to benefit the most from the shooting early this morning of two Caucasian police officers during a protest by a majority of black protestors? What is the true motive of the shooting? Perhaps more importantly, will they ever identify the shooter, and if so, what will be the result?

To understand “who benefits,” you must not just look at the larger picture, but understand it. The race war being organized serve as the backdrop for more draconian measures about to be implemented against each and every American. It is merely one aspect of a larger game afoot, part of a larger strategy that will weaken the social and moral fabric of America. It is one play in a series of plays that are designed to destroy our country, our sovereignty, national identity, and even our wealth. It is just one element of numerous events, having been planned long ago, being implemented to complete the takeover of our nation.

It is here that we must use our intellectual prowess to see through the agenda of those orchestrating the chaos. We must not be so naïve to accept what many believe to be the obvious.

We must look deeper, ask questions, demand answers and accountability. We must not rely solely on those congressmen who claim to represent us or our cause, for they have sold us and themselves out long ago for a seat at the globalist table. If history has taught us anything, we cannot expect the truth from those already subjugated to a higher power.

It is critical that we see through the globalist agenda that has found fertile ground in Ferguson. Do not be so quick to accept the official narrative once it is rolled out for public consumption.

Think. And above all, pray.


5 thoughts on “Who benefits from the Ferguson shooting?

    1. My thoughts also, how convenient if it ‘turns out’ to be M855, which was never true AP. From the reports, the shots came from ‘across the street’ – which would probably indicate a rifle.

  1. Set up for martial law to be declared in Ferguson.. Then as the riots spread across the country… more Martial law. Then the Big Looser will declare.. see I told you we needed the Police Federalized. But Martial Law will be the rule of the day.

    But guess what….. Trigger Effect……

  2. After digesting this for 24 hours, I currently believe that an expert sniper, either working for OUR government or a foreign government, shot these cops to make the protesters look bad (IE: a protester did the shooting).

    If it was an agent provocateur from OUR government, it was specifically intended to make the protesters look bad, and also there’s a chance it was a false flag and no one got shot. Although our government WOULD actually shoot a cop to make protesters look bad.

    If it was a FOREIGN agent provocateur, then it was intended just to cause general chaos in America, and foment hatred between cops & protesters.

    There’s also a chance it was a foreign sniper aided by our government. Kind of like 911: Republican neo-cons & foreign Mossad.

    btw…when I said Republicans specifically did 911, keep in mind the Democrats know it and knowingly aren’t prosecuting Bush/Cheney & the gang of dual citizens like Wolfowitz, Perle, etc… So they are guilty in a different way, still just as bad. Karl Rove was also a key in 911. And daddy GHW Bush. Frankly, I think the Israeli’s then turned around and blackmailed the Republicans for participating in 911. Hence: Republicans invite Netanyahu to speak and write that letter to Iran. They’re being blackmailed til this day. But again, the Democrats gave a lot of applause to another 911 kingpin: Netanyahu.

    The only heroes in that whole mess were the Democrat black caucus who banned going to see Netanyahu.

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