Who Will Decide the 2012 Election, the 99% or the 1%?

Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat is going to be the Democratic candidate in 2012.  The Rat has shown himself to be the leader of a foreign insurgency hell bent on the destruction of the Republic and the enslavement of the American people of the American race.  Barry Soetoro is counted among the 1%.

Now who is going to run against the Rat in 2012?  Who will the Republican candidate be?  For too many years now, about 30% of our population, which has been successfully manipulated by the top 1%, have orchestrated and decided our elections.  These pompous pukes in the 1% actually believe that this country and the election process belongs to them and they consider it an affront when the 99% step forth to assert themselves as equal.

We are supposed to shut our mouths and vote as we are told because always remember; the elite believe themselves to be superior to the rest of us.  They believe their capacity to swindle and steal grants them the right to rule.

When watching FOX News put out its polls, know that those being polled are specifically selected to procure a specific result.  If anyone believes these polls reflect any reality they are a part of the problem, not the solution.  These pompous arrogant neo-cons put forth the results of their polling, of and for the 1%. and then state those results as facts for the entire nation.  They are not.

I will put this as simply as it can be put.  As for the majority vote, the 99% of the population are going to decide the election.  The 1% are so insignificant that in a true reality they would not get five minutes of airtime in the mainstream in a month.  Of course there are billions of dollars out there.  This money will be used for ad blitzes and to purchase the Electoral College.  The commercial ads are designed to portray a false reality wherein the people are seriously divided between two candidates, one from the false left and one from the false right.  And then when the Electoral College proclaims the winner, all will be as it has been for the past hundred years.

Let’s look at this thing realistically.  What does the 1% really want?  They want two candidates going into the election, Obama the Rat and whoever.  The whoever is only important in that it is one of them, because what the 1% want in the final analysis is an assurance that nothing is going to change.

They have stolen $30 trillion from us.  They are still stealing every day, hand over fist.  They are dropping the standard of living for the 99% by pumping our jobs out of our country and pumping foreign labor in.  They are immune from our laws and are coming close to controlling every aspect of our lives.  Why in any reality would the 1% want anything to change?

Anyone in the 99% who would cast a vote for anyone endorsed by the 1% is masochistic.  Think about it, the only laws that have been passed in the last twenty years have been to the advantage of the 1% and to the detriment of the 99%.  On every issue that might help the 99% there is the pretense of gridlock.

Don’t be fooled, those same elitists calling themselves Democrats, who are trying to purport themselves as the champions of the poor and middle class, did not pass a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension when they had their super majority in Congress that could pass any legislation without exception.  And these are the same traitors who just joined with their pretended foes, the Republicans, to pass a new trade agreement, which will send more of our industry, jobs, and natural resources out of this country.

The neo-cons on the phony right are not even pretending they give a shit about the poor and middle class.  In fact, they seem to have no problem in displaying their total contempt for the 99%, treating us like some residue left on what would be their otherwise clean floors.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that will cause any change.  And this is why both the false left and false right despise Dr. Paul and the 99% he represents.  Look at what they have done.  First they tell you a thirty year Congressman is not well enough known to be elected.  But then on the other hand, an ex-head of the Federal Reserve in Kansas City, who ran a pizza chain, who no one had ever heard of until the 1% brought him forth and propped him up, is well enough known to be elected president.  Herman Cain is a member of the 1% who supports taking the last of what the 99% have and giving it to his corporate brothers and sisters.

Ron Paul has been honest throughout his career, yet he is portrayed as unelectable, while Newt Gingrich, who was removed as Speaker of the House as a result of activities that would land a common man in prison, is being shown as moving up front and center as potentially electable.  Again, who will decide this election, 99% of our population or the 1% Newt Gingrich represents?

I think the only question left at this point in the ball game is whether we are going to allow the 1% to present we in the 99% with yet another no-win scenario, wherein no matter how we vote, they win.

If Ron Paul is cheated out of the GOP nomination, and it will be a cheat because the GOP only represents about 18% of our population, et.al., we must insist that Dr. Paul run as an Independent candidate for the 99%.  And when we the American people of the American race assert our numbers and the 1% try to overturn those numbers through the bought-off Electoral College, we must physically remove them from power and put them on the deportation barges bound for Somalia.

We are the many, they are the few.  We are the strong, they are the weak and this has gone on way too long.  The 1% not only need to be defeated, they need to be punished.  Damn their arrogance.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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