13 thoughts on “Who’s Dangerous?

  1. If this is not complete evidence of the takeover of the U.S., I don’t know what is. I wonder what the people would do if they saw this document?
    Does anyone know if this statement is elaborated upon? Who took it over and why, etc..?

    1. This text is bogus. Read it and think about the wording. If not, then link to Full document please.

      1. Linked to operation vigilant eagle and skimmed through rightwing and domesic extremism, and did not find the quote ” the takeover of the U.S.” Anyone know where to find this?

      2. Was one of my first thoughts too (the first one being: ‘crap, I need another beer!’).

        Is either bunk (duh) or …well, it is the DHS lol

        Either way I feel it represents the beliefs of the current commie Admin of which we are slaves.

  2. IT IS NOT A JOKE…We’ve been seeing this ever since Bill Clinton and Janet Reno’s reign. People should send a copy of this document to their Congressman, to their local editor, mayor, pastor, state legislators, National Guard Director, and start asking hard questions. My sense is that you will get blown off. Keep in mind that in the military you fight as you train. What does that tell you?

    1. Excellent point.

      Going to a forum Wed at the Gov’s mansion about Commie Core – doubt I will be able to work it in though like the 10th amend question I fired off at one of the Gov candidates last month at a local (R) committees group forum. Living in the capital of Nevada has it’s benefits ( instead of other NV locations)

  3. Isn’t this proof enough of a complete takeover of our country? What are people waiting for and how can people just let this go?

  4. This document is old enough to attend first grade. Wonder how well it will do in Civics class?

    Wonder if I should post the Northwoods documents here? While scary, they are old enough to have grandkids.

    1. Just what point are you trying to make here? You did not comment on the content, but rather the fact that we posted it. Do you have a problem with us?
      It is not uncommon to post old documents relevant to the present. I guess we better not put up the Constitution or Bill of Rights, hell, they’re ancient. They couldn’t possibly have any relevance today, right?

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