WHO’s Ex-Emergency Response Director Dies Suddenly Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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A leading doctor for the World Health Organization died suddenly amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that’s infected thousands.

Dr. Peter Salama, the former head of WHO’s Emergency Health Program from 2016 until 2019, reportedly suffered a fatal heart attack on Friday in Geneva, Switzerland.

Notably, Salama also served as UNICEF’s Global Emergency Coordinator to fight against the Ebola virus in West Africa from 2009-2015.

Both UNICEF and WHO issued condolences for Salama on their respective websites.

“The entire UNICEF family is deeply saddened by the sudden death of Dr. Peter Salama from a heart attack in Geneva,” the website states.

“Pete was a tireless advocate for children, a committed humanitarian and a highly respected professional.”

“He was an inspiring and caring leader across a number of roles within UNICEF, as Chief of Health and Nutrition in Afghanistan, as Representative in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, as Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa in Jordan, as Global Chief of Health and HIV and as Global Ebola Coordinator in New York.”

“Pete left UNICEF in 2016 to join the World Health Organization as Executive Director of its Health Emergencies Programme before becoming Executive Director of its Division of Universal Health Coverage – Life Course.”

Salama’s death comes as the coronavirus outbreak, which originated in Wuhan, the largest city in central China, goes global, with cases now in the United States, France, and Australia, as well as China’s neighbors like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Korea.

So far, 41 people have died and thousands have been infected as the spread of the virus is reportedly accelerating, prompting China’s President Xi Jinping to hold an emergency meeting with Communist party officials.

Interestingly, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Pirbright Institute ran a simulation of a coronavirus outbreak months ago, predicting up to 65 million deaths.


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