Why are Americans Flocking to Fight for Israel?

Published on Jul 22, 2014 by breakingtheset

Abby Martin breaks down recent developments in Gaza, including the targeted shooting of Al Jazeera’s office in the violence stricken Gaza Strip. She also comments on the mysterious case of two Americans who have died during Operation Protective Edge while serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, highlighting how their case as foreign nationals fighting for Israel is not unique considering at least 5,500 “lone” soldiers serve in the IDF.

One thought on “Why are Americans Flocking to Fight for Israel?

  1. It is most probably American Jews who are volunteering. It is hard to imagine Gentiles being that dumb. If every Gentile and Christian in America, and Europe too, would take some time to read the Talmud they would get an education on Jewish thinking and attitudes regarding Gentiles. There would probably be a Kristallnacht moment tomorrow if Gentiles knew what Jews thought of them and planned for them.

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