8 thoughts on “Why did Hitler hate jews? Rabbi Yosef Tzvi ben Porat will explain to you

  1. Henry

    caught a rumor , want to see if it has legs and you the man to find out

    Personnel of the Clinton Foundation seeking Diplomatic Passports just recently

    we all know what this means ..or at least I think it means, possible high tailing it out of this country when the gig on them goes up

    can some one get this to Henry to research and validate this claim?
    or anyone want to take this on.

    like i have said before our cops should be GPS’ed and so should all our governmentals, and all our suspect traitors to this country

    if they are going to track us, its time to turn the tables // Goose , meet Gander

      1. Thanks Boss

        be a good thing to keep an ear to the ground for

        only 1 reason any of those people would want something like that after what we witnessed with that particular band of thieves

        possibly the rumor i heard was from someone reading that September story , thinking it was current

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