2 thoughts on “Why Silver And NOT Gold

  1. the silver market and its criminal minions just took my savings this morning with the help Of MONEX AVOID THEM . Probably going under as a result.All financials are crooked, they just take turns fleecing the herd.I hope it helps you get that home on the hill bastard shiester bankster. It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick world” Im glad i dont have kids cause this is one sick world.

    1. I to had “holdings” taken by monex about 6 years ago. A student loan that I was making payments on decided to sell my debt without telling me. I was still paying the people I did business with but the new company decided to put it in collections without ever sending me anything. The day it was put in collections they took all my holdings that was waiting delivery. 2gsilver 2ggold. Since they where not a metals dealer they sold it(all before I even knew) to a broker for the grand total(wait for it) $49usd. Then charged me $180usd for the “service”. That is why Im “not too bitter”! Very important lesson. To this day I continue to downsize my life in hopes of one day outliving the c#@ts that did that to me.

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