Why the Sudden Barrage of Live-Fire Military Drills at Schools?

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An unannounced Army drill with military helicopters and machine gun fire simulating a raid on an empty school terrorized a Houston community on Monday.

It was reported that residents were shocked and scared by the sight and sounds of the raid.

“When you see this, you think the worst. When you hear this, you think the worst,” resident Frances Jerrals said. “I felt like I was in a warzone. It was nonstop. I was terrified.”

Apparently, the residents we’re the only ones who were shocked by the drill. The local government was also not informed of the drill and held an emergency meeting to open discussion of the mock attack.

This intense and terrifying drill came only days after a similar drill in Miami.

And it’s announced that live gun fire (with blanks) will be used in yet another mock school raid in Chicago today. According to CBS:

A school shooting drill planned for tomorrow in the far northwestern suburbs has many parents upset.

According to a letter from Cary-Grove High School principal Jay Sargeant, there will be a code red drill at the school on Wednesday.

It will include somebody shooting blanks from a gun in the hallway “in an effort to provide our teachers and students some familiarity with the sound of gunfire.”

The only reason given for these drills so far is poor at best. Cary Police Chief Steven Casstevens said, “From the school’s request, they want to let the students know what the sound of gunshot might be, should that occur in their school.”

The excuse for the unannounced training in Miami was for “overseas training” although they paired up with local law enforcement to pull it off.

Last night, there was an unreported urban training drill in Pennsylvania that was simply posted as a status update, January 29th, on abc27 (based in Harrisburg) news’ Facebook page:

That was a federal agency practicing tactical maneuvers at the capitol tonight! They had helicopters doing “touch and go” (hovering close to the ground, then taking off) and rappelling off ropes. They’re gone now.

This is how they alert the public now? This morning they finally posted a very short update on theirnews website with a picture of a helicopter saying:

Witnesses described an action-packed scene at the Capitol on Tuesday night.

There were three helicopters flying high and low, practicing touch-and-go landings. People were also rappelling down ropes.

Federal law enforcement came to the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex to practice tactical maneuvers.

They were gone as quickly as they arrived.

Perhaps the most bizarre multi-agency mock drill took place on January 17th in Portsmouth, Ohio and actually targets 2nd Amendment supporters who are school employees as terrorists:

The make-believe scenario is timely. Two school employees who are disgruntled over the government’s interpretation of the Second Amendment, plot to use chemical, biological and radiological agents against members of the local community.

The news of these several major drills happening in one week follow a prominent one in Minneapolis that took place late August, 2012. A lot of Black Hawk helicopter footage appears at that link. The people there received some warning. And so did the people of Chicago last spring although they were still left terrorized by “rattling windows,” military men hanging out of windows and choppers with automatic weapons and low-flying “Little Birds” weaving in between skyscrapers. That “training” was in preparation of a NATO summit with expected protesters and was intended for “terrorist and crowd control measures.”

Last January, multi-agency training took place over Los Angeles similar to the reports above complete with a  Black Hawk and four “Little Birds” — It was described as “a dry run for a future mission.”

Chief Warrant Officer David Duran said “…it’s always best to get the closest terrain layout to what the objective is.” They pick terrain based on what they “might be facing in the future.” The chilling yet casual news report laid it all out. Likewise, “Urban Shield” surprise training drills have been going on for awhile now such as the one in Boston last fall.

It appears that heretofore unconcerned citizens are unsettled by the exercises that ride on the heels of the Sandy Hook tragedy. What is also ominous:  the drills in major US cities arrive just after the claim activist Jim Garrow made of Obama’s litmus test for the military: Will you fire on American citizens?

And of course, the DHS is buying up all the ammo that’s becoming increasingly scarce and recently purchased 7,000 AR-15s calling them “personal defense” while those same firearms are vilified as “assualt weapons” for American citizens.

Will the public become desensitized and accept terror-inducing drills around and in schools, in neighborhoods at night with no warning? With around two-thirds of our tax dollars supporting military spending, why would there be need to practice on the people in American cities?

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4 thoughts on “Why the Sudden Barrage of Live-Fire Military Drills at Schools?

  1. “Chief Warrant Officer David Duran said ”…it’s always best to get the closest terrain layout to what the objective is.” They pick terrain based on what they “might be facing in the future.” The chilling yet casual news report laid it all out.”
    We now know the plan. Or at least one part of the overall plan. Doesn’t it look as if they plan on taking schools and holding the children hostage to force compliance. I see it now, they are going to force parents to surrender their guns in exchange for their children.
    “Remember folks, we are only doing this to protect the children!” says TPTB

    1. Yea rhumstruck, them scumbags would trade children for guns wouldn`t they. Hell, I didn`t even think of that one, and people have said that I have a dark way of thinking.

  2. I wish people would have been calling up the police and emergency responce places and said there was gun fire. Tie all their phone lines up and then have that idiot that was respsonsible for these BS training missions be responsibe for the out come. I use to know some old vets that were from the Korean and vietnam war that would wave freaked out to the point of maybe haveing a damned heart attack or would have got out their weapons and would of started shooting at them thinking that the US/we were under enemy fire and they would have been deadly serious about it too.

  3. Diggerdan,

    Kinda starting to think thats the goal of this training, Who needs a false flag when you can just get good Americans to open fire.


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