Why We are Poor – It Beggars Belief

POOR is by its definition lacking material possession. That is why the US constitution for the well being of the people mandated the use of real wealth (gold and silver) as the only legal currency.  Our ancestors relied on gold and silver wealth in their pockets and they also had great opportunity, they were rich in wealth in all respects.

Today for We the People instead of gold and silver wealth in our pockets we have substituted paper confetti script, the antithesis of real wealth and perhaps some more of the same paper confetti in our bank accounts and unsurprisingly in this particular economic crisis we can find no foreseeable opportunity, as offspring unlike our forefathers we are poor of wealth in all respects and we need to understand the reasons.

The Federal Reserve whose owners are a complete secret was established by an Act of Congress passed on the late eve of 22nd December 1913 by a treasonous group of politicians on a day when all other God fearing members of Congress were at home for the Christmas celebration. The Federal Reserve bank was established to issue all dollar currency, due homage was paid to the occult with ‘the all seeing eye’ printed on each dollar and a usury is charged to all of us on their monopoly.  This Act is unconstitutional and is totally against the interests of the people of the United States. It has made us poor and is keeping us poor and we need to understand.

Stupidly,  taxpayers never fully question the real reason why they are poor, whenever reason explains to them they act deaf, they always act dumb for they never speak out against treason and they act blind to fact by accepting an unconstitutional dollar script as real wealth when it is nothing other than confetti.

To add to their lack of intelligence they pay very punitive income taxes to the IRS collection agency of which a cool $1.5 trillion per year is simply transferred as the interest on the national borrowings due both directly and indirectly to this private banking organization granted the sole monopoly cartel for the issue of all dollars. Should usury ever be charged on the national debt and paid to private concerns especially when the so called debt consists of only borrowed paper and not the borrowing of real wealth?

The people of this once great country like frogs gradually being heated in boiling water are being impoverished of all wealth and they are also by stealth being killed of all wealth creating opportunity. Since 1971 when any last pretense of real wealth backing was removed by Presidential Executive Order we find today that we stand poor of wealth and are being kept poor of wealth for that reason as our money lacks material possession, it is a pretend.

A natural skeptic can realize that paper money is only paper and that paper cannot be wealth, it is attorney scripted cotton issued to bind us to usury servitude. To put it more bluntly because it lacks material possession it is the sole means for the private cartel to steal all wealth and it explains also how they have killed opportunity and our hope for a decent future.

Imagine this absolute power in private hands to have the sole issue of all money and the charge of usury both to the Sovereign State and to all individuals for your pure personal gain. The scale beggars belief and the long time scale of the theft explains why we do not believe this to be the case and why we need to understand the crime par excellence, the con of all cons, the usurpation by deceit of the peoples right to their wealth and the theft of opportunity. It is why we are POOR and getting poorer with many are on the brink of destitution and all hope while the controllers of our branches of Government, banking and the media are RICH and getting richer beyond our comprehension.

One man wants to END THE FED and abolish the IRS, he wants to limit the branches of Government and re-introduce sound constitutional money as Wealth for the people.  The republican nomination for president can be that statesman Dr Ron Paul, the protector of the people and upholder of the constitution and for the rule of law applying to everyone equally or it can just be another PR Hollywood style promoted slick usurper of power who regardless of his spun rhetoric stands for continuing as before for the status quo with all of the existing elaborate protection racket by the branches of Government which benefits corporate elite theft and leaves the people poor and getting poorer.

The decision for a very brief time is in your own hands, to use it, to demand it or to die from your shame. Enough is enough,  too much injustice has been tolerated, enough usury has been extracted and the illusory debt and fascist laws all need to be cancelled.  When the Government fears the people the laws are just, they are the peoples laws!. When the people fear the Government the laws are unjust, the laws are a tyranny to steal wealth for the few. It is up to you, now is the time to end the grand theft and to end the charade of a century of FED paper power and to insist on Ron Paul as president for the constitution and for the people of the United States.

Other nations will then follow and evil wars will cease when the money printing by a secretive organization ends and only real wealth as money returns to our pockets. The price for freedom, for wealth and for opportunity is well worth paying for all of you who care to Know what it is to be Poor.

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