29 thoughts on “Why Were the Georgia Guidestones Destroyed?

  1. It was not a monument, it was a death threat directed at seven billion people, chiseled in granite. A death threat that the sadists are working at carrying out right now, each of which at the top ought to have a chunk of whatever is left of this heap of shit crammed down their throat before they are executed for crimes against humanity.

  2. Henry Thank you!! A few years back we might have been working for some company corp usa… Workin makin a paychech Yeah life is good ..BS WE HAVE LEARNED A LESSON!!!!!!

    1. I honestly did not know about the Bill of Rights Till I came to Henrys website!! It was never ever taught in public schools!!! THAT SHOULD TELL YOU ALOT!!!!

    2. Once upon a midnight moon
      Some children’s mother decided to high tail it to Colorado with nobody on the other end knowing, leaving the children behind.
      The father bout freaked.
      After he caught his breath decided to figure what it takes to sadly get accepted on welfare.
      This guy also decided to take a degree in business, take the loans, and grants as a way to stay close to his kids, take care of their needs, and not pawn off the responsibility due to the fact that he wasn’t raised that way.
      Raised his children for thirteen years.
      It took him a few years after graduating to realize that he was basically taught how to screw his own people.
      He met folk down that dusty road helping him learn a heaping bowlful more than he thought could be possible.
      To this day he tries to be thoughtful
      don’t get along with most, and stays pissed
      The End

      1. Might have seen him on that dusty road
        None could know his story fully
        Blood and bones and cheers and stones,
        a little wandering, a lot of work,
        especially for the children’s sake,
        and being upright in his own eyes
        without a hint of compromise

        There were some who for a time,
        had their sweet minds whisked away
        But something in their deep-down selves
        roped it back, ’cause a dusty road
        is mighty, mighty generous,
        seein’ so many souls have walked on it,
        dead and alive, they bring the notion
        that we are worth continuing on
        And we do, somehow we do

        Some say it’s harder to walk a dusty road
        than it is to walk on water
        Some know it is, yet walk anyway
        ’cause walking gets us where we gotta go


  3. Supposedly they say there’s a time capsule buried 6 feet underneath it but the dates as to when it was buried and when to dig it up are blank. Not sure if that’s what they were going for or if that’s why it was destroyed. Maybe if there really is one, it’s time for it to be dug up and they don’t want anyone to know what what’s in it. There doesn’t seem to be any talk on it either. Strange….


  4. Just because it’s gone, and
    no matter what anyone wants to consider what the fk it is,
    changes nothing.
    Those with the ideals that it represented need gone!

      1. Yep. Changes nothing, regardless of responsible party. Call it opposition or controlled opposition, I won’t celebrate until I attend a reeeeaaal swingin’ party for reinstating our Bill of Rights completely and the guests of “honor” get the first dance!!

  5. And we have Aaron (Jones’s runaway stepson) saying he doesn’t “condone any violence” or “destruction of private property.” Can you imagine Patrick Henry saying, “We don’t want any violence?!!”


  6. Maybe they were destroyed because the people of the world rose up with honour and integrity after giving up on the mammon, for the freedom that comes with the responsibility for being courageous after making the mistake of giving up their guns. At one point in this interview with an Australian pilot who traded his job in for his destiny of bringing the people together to heal where all of them, in one way or another, were broken, he holds up a dented old horn from the trenches of WWI. Still shiny, but brown with age, it still means something. I am sharing this interview because there are so many powerful words of a genuine man who rose in the spirit of his own nation, that takes it back. When all good men rise in the spirit, each of their own nation, they WILL get the job done! Each has its own role in how the enemy is pushed into the pit. It will not only be just the monuments of the enemy that crumble to the ground. Honest, wise, courageous, compassionate and defiant, the Australians are coming together. Men. With honor and valour. Some rejuvenating juice for the soul of all good men who every day, in the Trenches, go above and beyond to take their country back! https://rumble.com/v1bc8w7-interview-with-graham-hood-hoodie.html

    1. What part of “So to everybody, quit leaving comments with other people’s programs on them” did you not understand?

      I listened to your program. It is regression. It is walking away from the firing line. It is speaking engagements and endorsing milk toast bullshit.
      From the Trenches is raw meat, standing on that firing line, as we have ceased to pretend that there is any other f-king way.
      And then I get the sermon at the end. I do not give a monk’s f-k about this fella’s personal religious views. The people who want a theocracy are not going to hijack our enforcement of our law and turn it into a reset for eating shit we ate thirty years ago.
      When The Trenches first came up, I put the crosshairs on my chest and said the words everybody was too scared to say. That’s what brought the people who aren’t playing these f-king milk toast games anymore to stand up like warriors and prepare to lay down their lives for those ten Articles of law.
      The Christians do not like the 1st Article because it makes it clear that they cannot force their beliefs on anyone.
      We have lived in deprivation for twelve f-king years and don’t think the offers weren’t there. I could have sold my people out a long time ago if that was my intent and be living an easy life, but I’d already had my bones broken, my blood spilled, and served time as a documented political prisoner.
      I’m not on the net to find out how much I can say and how much mammon I can gain.
      There will be no more of this milk toast shit on this site, I’d rather freeze to death while starving than back off one inch from my stance on the enforcement of the absolute unalienable law of my people and my country.
      We had all our revenues yanked and the algorithms slammed on our site three years before the first youtuber was demonetized.
      You will not f-k with the agenda of From the Trenches by throwing milk toast broadcasts in comments.
      You do not set the agenda for this site.
      And as for the rich f-ks who all want to jump in with their milk toast bullshit and see if they can monetize on the work the Trenchers have done for the past twelve years literally for nothing, see that’s the real problem. From the Trenches has grown so huge that if one wants to get their name out there to promote their milk toast bullshit, they have to come to where that monolith stands, and they have to get through me.
      Every one of these mother f-kers have money, you got that? f-king mammon, and they think they can work their shit in through the Trenches site, but they are not Trenchers.
      Did you hear this guy mention the Trenches?
      I’m telling all you fairy f-kers out there, cease and desist. This is a war and your f-king dribble isn’t going to win it. Community and love is not going to win it. Just like the first time, it is bullets and blood, and this site will not be pulled away from that fact by anybody.
      I told you once and your answer was f-k you, so take your donations and send them to these milk toast mother f-kers and tell them they will not be on the Trenches. And we really don’t give a f-k what they think. If they push the wrong way, as in this attempted hijacking of the war to enforce the unalienable law of we the people of the December 15, 1791, and their f-king asses will go in the ground too.
      I’m not going to live by a queen’s dictate or anyone’s personal interpretation of theology or their theories on life. It is not going to be on this site. This site is about the individual and each and every other individual getting on the same page where our moral high ground is absolute in enforcing the facts in our law. We will put everything aside and no one is going to hijack this uprising like they did the one back in 1775.
      Try it and you are the enemy and the people of this country are way past sick of anybody trying to tell them what their personal beliefs should be.
      This is an enforcement of the law by every individual, who is by birth bound by duty to enforce that law and we are not going to do it sitting around singing Kumbaya or by trying to start some religious revival to force another kind of tyrannical rule over us.
      You don’t believe it? Bring your Christian asses on, try to enforce a theocracy and we will wipe your asses out. We are going to live free and be left alone and we will have done the killing and the dying to reach that zenith.
      So anybody who wants to try to remove that little bit of the Bill of Rights that belongs to me to suit their personal beliefs in violation of that law will be brought to justice under that law.
      Don’t do it again, and by God I f-king mean it.

      1. I want everything you just said to me to get through all the milk toast that exists in my mind, to purge it completely. That was hard for me to read, but I have read it twice and I will read it again. Thanks for helping me to see what I need to see and to learn what I really should be saying.

        As I was reading, I was saying yes and understanding why. Your words cut deep and hard, but that’s what it takes. They got through.

  7. After reading your reply again, I feel like I should offer you an apology. I see how I was out of line. Heavy on my heart. I know better now. I need to say it. Sorry. Won’t happen again. I feel it and I mean it.

    I don’t remember the last time I cried real, heart felt tears. These ones are coming from all the deep respect I have for all you have accomplished. You hit a nerve and now, I’m looking in the mirror at the face that I deserve.

    1. I apologize for making you cry. That was not my intent.
      You understand where we are here. This shit should have already been taken care of generations ago, but I’ve watched thirty years be wasted before I even started The Trenches. I learned the law, the administrative admiralty and the common law, and I, like many others on here am not going to back up, not a quarter of an inch. It is a harsh thing and nothing any of the good people wanted, but this harsh and terrible thing must be conquered. I probably won’t be alive to see it, but my grandchildren will live once again in freedom and that is what I fight for.
      This is water under the bridge and I do not enjoy hurting anyone’s feelings, but the milk toast folks with the money in their pockets are not going to hijack the enforcement of the law again, and another generation like mine is not going to have to go through what we went through. These are communists/fascists who call themselves capitalists. They are international gangsters and there is only one way to stop them. We don’t need to prove anything to them, they know exactly what they are doing and they know it is a violation of our law, we just have to stop allowing it. We have the force to do it but our minds have to be set and we can’t give them one second to try to backpedal. These criminals must be destroyed through the enforcement of the law and the only way to enforce the law on these sons of bitches is with our liberty teeth as intended.
      Somebody wants to go playing around in the administrative admiralty, they are pissing up a wet rope. No matter what this fella says, he is looking for fame and money and to get his product he is selling out there.
      The situation we face we cannot paper our way out of. This is war. Kill or be killed war. And right now they are slaughtering us with poison. Again, we know it. Again, they know it. Any documentation is meaningless because when push comes to shove, they will use pure force and freely admit to what they are doing. This is going to continue until we meet force with superior force.
      Keep your spirits up and don’t back up. When you’re engaged in a fight, if you let up before your opponent is whipped, you are a fool.
      You need to tell these people to take their papers and shove them up their ass because that is where the admiralty is going to shove them anyway.
      Like our true founding fathers, no quarter asked, none given. The international corporate mafia must be destroyed if there is ever to be any semblance of peace and happiness on this planet. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

  8. Henry I love you brother! We did not spend our whole lives to come to this kind of end!! FCK THE ELITES F-K ALL THE tyrants that want us under dirt 6 feet deep!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It can get so hard to disifer any truth out of the media who continually lies!!! That is why we stick here together … in search of the truth and what is now Reality!! Take a mental health day off if it gets to be too much.. and dont read the news either!!! Ken

    1. We need stay healthy for the real battle .. as best we can. Many of us here are nearing 60 yrs old or older!! The best are Here on this website!! Our children , great grand children need our example of how to preserve freedom and fight for it!! Freedom does not come free… And it will be a constant battle in the future for these young ones as it has been for us!! BoR’s The Common Law of WE THE PEOPLE THey will have to protect it, in order They Should Have True Freedom!!

      1. We all grew up in the same generation, born in the same year. Yes. Stay as healthy as possible, stay as far away from the medical establishment as possible. Preserve freedom and teach the Law to our children. My 18 year old son hears the daily broadcasts. He uses similar explitives. I think he is learning!

        1. Re: “We all grew up in the same generation, born in the same year.”

          For the life of me, I cannot understand this sentence.


          1. On second thought, that sentence doesn’t make any sense. I think it might be a good idea for me to stick to just reading the comments for a while until I get my mind working right again.

          2. Galen, in the process of mulling over what that sentence could mean, I could say the Trenchers belong to the generation who wrote the American Bill of Rights, and the same day we all share, across space and time is December 15, 1791.

  10. When these tears came today, and they lasted on and off throughout the day as I was thinking about the gravity of this entire situation the whole world is dealing with, one way or another, I got a chance to look up at the moon in the blue sky over the last of the land we grow food on, which has been sold by my parents’ generation, for big bucks and for new housing to go up. Where I live is in one of the re-settlement zones for the NWO. I watched in horror when on 911, in the silence of the sky with no planes in the international flight path over the old farm house I live in, they started tearing down the trees and after that, hauling away the most fertile farming soil on the planet. In that moment when I was looking at the moon today, I was having many stark realizations. One of them was that even though the country where I live is a stone’s throw from the one you are in, and Australia, like Canada, still has never broken free of the b**ch on the English throne, we will never be free unless we have what you have. Zero tolerance for tyranny of any kind, and the law which has already been written by the greatest minds ever to cross an ocean, claim what’s theirs in their new home, fight to the death and establish the only rule of law that can defeat the tyrant. I felt like I really f***ed up after realizing that in real war, there is no room for anything that does not put emphasis on the only solution. They wrote it out and the American people ratified it on December 15, 1791. I have preserved what you wrote today so I can read it over and over and over again. It was loaded with what I need to be able to articulate out there when I find the need to fight. Sometimes it takes the tough love of a friend to get you to where you feel what they are saying. Even if the tears well up out of it. That’s how you toughen up and grow. At least, that’s how I believe it works for me. I was feeling like I had lost my best friend. That’s a hard feeling, but I am thankful to be able to learn and pick up to stand stronger to help win this war with you.

    1. Re: “…the law which has already been written by the greatest minds ever to cross an ocean, claim what’s theirs in their new home…”

      Just wanted to throw in that most of the prominent Founders were born here, in America. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, George Mason, Patrick Henry, all Virginia. John Jay, New York. John Adams, Massachusetts.


      1. Thanks, galen. I could word it something like this. Their ancestors crossed the ocean and raised up the generation that wrote the law.

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