Why you should be worried about Five Eyes having access to every electronic device


According to an article in the National Post the Five Eyes intelligence network is demanding tech companies provide a backdoor into all their electronic devices.

“Canada joined its intelligence allies recently in demanding that technology companies co-operate with law enforcement agencies in allowing access to encrypted communications.”

Although similar requests for co-operation have been made in the past, that “is the most aggressive call we’ve seen,” said Tamir Israel, a lawyer at the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic.

The big change, according to Israel, is that governments are now saying “fix it for us or we will fix it for you.” That’s led to concerns among privacy experts that the government will try to legislate a requirement for tech companies to build backdoors for law enforcement.

Five Eyes and the shadow government

Snowden – Q&A – Five Eyes, spying on journalists


Letting multi-national intelligence agencies have access to every electronic device can and will be abused.
Giving law enforcement access to electronic devices is a bad idea

To learn more about Five Eyes go to Five Eyes Alliance which exposes the global intelligence arrangement between Australia, Canada, New Zealand United Kingdom and the United States in greater detail.


2 thoughts on “Why you should be worried about Five Eyes having access to every electronic device

  1. No one cares about your fourth article rights, so the only defense you have against these intrusions is to leave the device on the store shelf.

    If you buy ANY internet-connected device, you should expect to be spied upon.

    1. “…you should expect to be spied upon.”

      By the so-called ‘government’ who loves you SO much.

      Idiots abound, JR.

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