Wiley Dog…Gopher Hunter

He’s ugly…. but he sure is turning out to be a great dog.
Here’s pictures of his first and second gopher kills.
It’s a great home depot add.
Let’s do this….!!!!

11 thoughts on “Wiley Dog…Gopher Hunter

  1. Dogs that are useful are great to have. Ours brings us the eggs and of course gets treats for the work.

    Keep up the good work dog.

    1. You have a dog that fetches eggs?
      That so beats Flee’s dead gopher lying on top of Trump border wall pic.
      I wanna see pics of the egg fetching dog!

      1. My dogs smoke weed… so there.
        I’m still working on the egg fetching thing though.
        Gotta get some chickens first.

        1. I don’t know, man.
          Katie is way ahead of you.
          She’s already got her dog trained to drive a car.
          Trained to count money.
          Trained to push a shopping cart.
          That’s a lot of training.

          So what do you need the chickens for?

  2. By the look of things your dog may turn the world right side up as he is living in an upside world. 🙂

  3. Hes not ugly…hes a dog…hes beautiful. I just lost my best freind Billy to cancer he was beautiful too.

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