3 thoughts on “Will A New Napoleon Arise?

  1. A heroic,morally strong leader that could rally the awake people of our former republic to fight against tyranny would be nice. Unfortunately I think it might be hard to trust anyone who rises in the ranks of our current system. Judas goats come to mind. BTW FTTWR seems to be the only site that is not rife with infiltrators and shills. Been following for a few years and just wanted to say thank you to all the members and commentors for reaffirming my faith in the existence of true patriotism and the continued hope of restoring what was once a great nation. Thank you!:D

    1. I think we got the Judas Goat with Change You Can Believe In. America voted for the man of change and Messiah remember the halo?

      1. lol Susan! I stopped voting back in 94 due to my sudden realization of the false paradigm. Ruby Ridge piqued my interest initially and it rolled downhill from there. Always was patriotic but came to the conclusion they were fighting under a different flag. Satan was an angel too:)

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