Will Ener1 be Moved to China through Restructuring?

Another taxpayer backed clean energy business filed for bankruptcy Thursday.  Ener1 has filed for Chapter 11 after receiving 118 million stimulus dollars from the United States taxpayers.  So why are all these clean energy companies failing?  I’ll tell you why.  It is because they are supposed to fail.

It works like this.  New technologies for clean energy are patented in the United States.  The international corporate elite want to capitalize on the technologies.  But they do not want to enrich the people of the United States, who financed the development of the technology, in doing so.

So a company like Ener1 is formed.  The privateers who own the company rent a building.  They then apply for stimulus monies.  They use these monies to equip the factories with the best tooling available.  They then, via the conditions of the stimulus, hire American workers at a living wage.  The product is produced and released on the market.

The product fails to sell abroad because of the increased purchase price in paying for the American living wage.  The product fails to sell in the United States because our consumer base has been destroyed through export of our industry and jobs.  In short, few can buy the product because few have jobs.  The company declares bankruptcy.

Enter a corporation like Bain Capital that buys Ener1 and then, under the guise of restructuring, dismantles the factory, ships it to China where it is reassembled and manned by Chinese slave labor at $1 per hour.

Now as this company, which is held by Bain Capital, is US based, the raw materials in the United States needed for production are literally given to them under the guise that as this is a US company it should get our raw resources for free because it employees Americans.

But again, it does not.  Instead the raw materials are shipped to China where they are manufactured into the product, which when released from China and having been produced by slave labor, is now marketable.

This product is then shipped around the world and of course to the United States, where it comes into our country tariff free.  And as mentioned earlier whereas a few could afford to buy it when it was produced here in our country, now a few more can.  And don’t forget, because it is a clean energy product, its purchase will be subsidized through US tax dollars in the name of stimulating the growth of clean energy.

Let’s take this battery company, Ener1.  The battery it produced in the United States might cost $5000.  The battery produced in China, with the same equipment, costs $2000.  It is the same battery produced from the same raw resources, the only difference being a living wage as opposed to a slave wage.

This is why Dr. Paul wants to impose tariffs on imports.  This is why the application of tariffs is a part of our Constitution.  It is in fact the number one job our government is supposed to be doing as this is how we protect the wealth of our country from international pillage.

The neo-cons come on the propaganda broadcasts and say that if a company wants to set up overseas there should be nothing wrong with that.  I say fine.  But if a company chooses to set up overseas, they do not get to use equipment built in the United States or raw resources coming from our lands.

How many American businesses do you think there would be in China if the corporations were forced to extract all of the elements for those businesses from China?  I’ll tell you how many, zero.

Through NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT the corporate elite have not only shipped our industry out of our country, but have been paid to do so.  This whole thing comes down to one issue, the cost of labor.  The international elite want the people of the United States as slave laborers, and the way we stop them is easy.

Declare NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and every other so called free trade agreement, legislated economic treason and start prosecuting the American based corporations who are committing this treason against our Republic and our people.  Stop all export of all raw materials and watch how fast our industry returns.

This con has gone on long enough and the two-bit con man Obama is right now setting the stage for another round of it.  I swear they must believe we the people to be completely incapable of critical thought and lacking in the most basic of math skills.

We must elect Dr. Ron Paul and enact the constitutional trade tariffs that will put an end to this international corporate sponsored economic theft/terrorism being perpetrated on we the people.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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