Fukushima and the Long List of Lies

On March 11, 2011, as a result of an earthquake followed by a tsunami, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant failed.  Even as the people of the world were trying to come to grips with the implications, the cover-up had already begun.  TEPCO is the company that built and managed the six reactor nuclear facility.  In bits and pieces of information that came to light in the following weeks we found out that there were many safety violations by TEPCO that were evidently swept under the carpet by the international nuclear regulatory agency.

Last week it was revealed that the Japanese government knew that the number one reactor had melted down shortly after the crisis began.  And now it is coming to light that three of the reactors at the facility experienced total meltdown and there were nuclear explosions.  All the while the people of Japan, and indeed the people of the world were being fed a series of lies designed to minimize the situation.

In the past couple of months there has been a deliberate attempt to remove Fukushima from the reality of the peoples around the world.  The EPA has refused to test fish in the Gulf of Alaska for radioactive contamination.  You will remember From the Trenches was the first to point out the obvious in that as the plant sits directly adjacent to the ocean the sea water had to be experiencing contamination, which we predicted would be spread around the world via the ocean currents.

The EPA is also failing to adequately test the ground water, crops, and livestock in the United States.  And there has, for every intent and purpose, been a shut down in mainstream news coverage of the ongoing travesty.

In growing up in the nuclear age it has been a given that the idea of even a single reactor melting down would have to be considered a disaster on a world-wide scale.  Maybe the powers that be just figure that we are going to be radiated no matter what they do, so why should they expose us to the truth, and TEPCO to its responsibilities for its negligent actions in building a nuclear facility on a fault line, in an earthquake zone, prone to tsunamis, and not making sure that the backup generators were kept in a state of readiness.

I would like to report the exact extent of the damage done to the people of the United States and the people around the world, but that information is being withheld as it might cost the corporate elite revenues.  And we all know that human life has always and will continue to take a backseat to wealth and power.

The Japanese people seem genuinely sick for allowing themselves to be lulled into the confidence of TEPCO by their government.  But this in no way changes the affects their bad decisions have had and continue to have on the rest of the people on this planet.  We are all suffering the ill effects of the radiation from Fukushima.  To date TEPCO continues to operate unfettered by inquiries by any country in reference to their responsibility for their negligent actions and their effects on human lives and economies around the world.

The number one reactor at Fukushima has been completely breached and the nuclear lava is predicted to penetrate all containment and burn down into the earth.  It is further predicted that this will result in the ground water for the island of Japan being completely contaminated.

A couple of months back I suggested that Japan may very well have to be evacuated and that the Japanese, with the wealth they have accumulated through exploitation of U.S. technology and resources, would be coming to our country to claim a part of it as their own.  Is this justice?  They make bad decisions that result in the poisoning of our land and our people and they get to flee to here and burden us further by confiscating a large portion of what we have left?  When they should in reality be paying reparations to every American who will be affected by the radiation from Fukushima for a century to come.

It is not over at Fukushima yet.  What is occurring there now has never occurred anywhere before.  The fact is the experts do not know what is going to happen next or what the end result will be.  I think it is time we the people of the United States told our employees in our government that they are going to start doing their jobs or we are going to send them to Japan to live out the rest of their days.

What arrogance for them to think they can just monitor our exposure until our deaths and just let it go at that.  The facts that have been revealed recently have done nothing to ease my mind as I know that if they are telling us of this; it is more than probably one hundred times worse.

There are people that are saying we should just ignore the looming cloud of death and concentrate on the good things in life.  I have watched someone die of cancer and it is a horrible horrific experience for the person undergoing the end of life and the loved ones left to watch.  The people around the world have got to step up and demand the whole truth and nothing but the truth, because in the end analyses for what has not been destroyed by the maniacs is still our lives.

6 thoughts on “Fukushima and the Long List of Lies

  1. Very good article. List of lies will probably later include a lot more worker deaths. I am sure they are covering that up already as many temp. workers are recruited from skid row so relatives won’t be making inquiries.

    I don’t think Japanese people will likely flood into the US. Just my opinion.
    Asia nearby (Hong Kong and China) may see a migration. I think the culture is much more alike there. If there was a desire to leave Japan many Japanese have family members already in Hawaii and Calif. etc. and there didn’t seem to be much of an exodus.

    As for Japanese mismanagement, in my opinion it doesn’t come from Japaneseness but from capitalism. US occupiers wrecked labor unions in Japan and put in some of the most ruthless rightwing businessmen they could find to counter fears of communism
    (I got that from the auto industry book “Reckoning”).
    Don’t forget G.E. has pushed this nuke power idea all over the world and the US taxpayers have been quietly subsidizing and insuring foreign nuke plant projects all the while.
    G.E.-Toshiba is, in my opinion, a capitalist-monster, not a Japanese-monster.

    Further – over in Japan they are getting a lot LESS info than the trickle down we get outside Japan. TEPCO isolates utility workers (interupting their cell phone function etc.), they exploit the shock and grief of the population that is still dazed.
    On the local level in Japan many mayors and local gov’t. officials have given heartfelt public apologies over their ‘going along’ with nuke power in the past. That has not happened in any municipality in the US so far. These acts of contrition in Japan get no press in the English language press. So the story we get is a little incomplete.

  2. i am very concerned about all things happening there. It all seems to turn out as the largest accident with nuclear materials. i cannot understand why they are not digging a mineshaft under the nuke to prevent te magma melting into the ground and so contaminating the groundwater, or, worse, explode because of the water. Just like they did in Chernobyl.

  3. As the corporate rich elite sit in their lead lined mansions, laughing as they watch the rest of us die a very, very, horribly painful death, we’ll only have ourselves to blame, for not permanently removing them while we had the chance. I wonder how they are going to cover up the fact that thousands of people are going to start falling over dead in the very near future ?

  4. when chernobal hapened the press went ballistic and had the people believing that up to a half a million people would die over the long term also that a very large number of people had died in the short term . i read a essay by michael chricton regarding chernobal . he was talking about fear mongering and the press and pointed out how theybadly distorted the facts .
    now i wonder at the lack of press on the japanese crisis .personally i dont think its a big thing to be worried about . look at what direct hits on japanese cities did duing the war . lots of people died but a majority from the explosion and following firestorm . i just cant get excited over this most recent crisis .


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