Will the Mormon Church Take Over The Salt Lake Tribune, Silencing an Independent Voice?

Published on Apr 19, 2016 by Democracy Now!

http://democracynow.org – Utah State Senator Jim Dabakis is part of a group of people seeking to buy The Salt Lake Tribune in order to prevent the Mormon Church from taking control of the major independent newspaper. “For many years, since the ‘50s, The Salt Lake Tribune has been the big, independent, progressive voice and the Mormon Church had the Deseret News,” Dabakis says. “We’re in the position now where it looks like The Salt Lake Tribune will be a daily or once-a-week supplement inside the [Deseret News] without an independent voice, and there will be one voice in our community, and it will be the voice of the Mormon Church.”

7 thoughts on “Will the Mormon Church Take Over The Salt Lake Tribune, Silencing an Independent Voice?

  1. Could we ask the same question about every other Dinosaur Media Name which has been totally taken over by a small group of people whom shall remain nameless ?

    1. Cybro, Do you meen the parasitic, purveyors of perversion, Christ killing, thrown out of over a 150 country’s since time began, golden calf worshipping, chosen to destroy everyone and everything, Ashkenazi crypto jews? Those people?

    1. Nothing – The Tribune has been a counter balance to the Theocracy in Utah. Beck and Romney are tools for it. The guy Jim Debakus who wants to own this paper is a homosexual leader in Utah, and is frequently at odds with the theocracy

      1. Wow….that’s a revelation !
        I remember how the office in SLC used to always refer to our LAS Vegas office as heathens.
        Man how the worm turns.

  2. I hate to break it to you people.
    But Utah is another country here in the U.S.
    How many Mormons do you think work at the Salt Lake Tribune….?
    Cause the last time I was there in SLC last century.
    I saw nothing but black people up there.
    But they did have a strip club.
    Unfortunately I was to busy working for the Masons and the Jews to enjoy it.
    I can say definitely for sure that they have some of the most beautiful land in Utah that they killed a bunch of people for and stole it from them.
    What a country.
    God Bless America.

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