Will the UN Intervene to Stop Brutality Against Protesters in the US?

Black Friday saw occupy protests throughout the US and of course the mainstream propagandists had the protests in Egypt put front and center, with many protesters in Egypt complaining of police brutality.  Believe it or not the low down dirty Egyptian police are even attacking journalists.  There are now calls from the international community for the military in Egypt to turn their authority over to a civilian body to arrange for elections.

Now let’s take a look at our own situation.  Our protesters have fallen victim to brutality including some of our journalists.  So where are the calls from the international community for the socialists in our government to step down?  And if things further deteriorate in the United States and the police open up on unarmed protesters, killing some, will the UN order a no-fly-zone over the United States?  The Chinese could bring their aircraft carriers to enforce the UN dictate.

No this is not going to happen because if any country so much as threatened the United States, the military response would be immediate and decisive, which raises the question of hypocrisy as in, what makes us so goddamn special.

Occupy Oakland is calling for protests on 12-12-2011 to shut down every port possible on the west coast.  This is a strategy I believe will be effective.  When Occupy Oakland shut down the port there on November 2nd, the socialist insurgents in our government, through their propaganda machine, condemned the action because it hurt commerce.  Well yeah it would, as that is the idea.

At the base of the theft of our wealth lies our raw resources, which are being taken out of our country for production and returned to our country for sale as manufactured goods.  All of this is accomplished through our ports.  Thus if we want to stop the theft the ports are a good place to start.

I would like to see every port in the United States shut down.  This would force the hand of the 1%.  If a full blown police state is going to be enacted, resulting in a shooting revolutionary war, then for God’s sake let’s get on with it and get it over with.

What the rich elite had better understand is that the people out here who care whether commerce continues, status quo, are growing fewer and farther in between every day.  You see it is hard to give a rat’s ass about something you are not only not a part of, but in fact is being used to inflict tyranny upon you.

You know that corrupt evil Egyptian military that is oppressing those righteous protesters in Egypt, who are only wanting to share in Egypt’s commerce and the wealth it derives, are saying the same thing about those people that the United States’ corrupt evil power structure is saying about our protesters.  “It is hurting commerce.  Commerce, commerce, commerce.”

Well I’ll tell you what corporate elite; I’ll throw one of your own slogans back in your face.  We do not care because we have ‘no skin in the game’ and we are not going to care again until we do have ‘skin in the game’, which unfortunately for you, requires your arrest and prosecution.  So there it stands.

Just a friendly suggestion to the elite; you might want to cease and desist in attempting to defy the will of the 99% in using duplicity to stop Dr. Ron Paul from becoming president in 2012, as he represents the only peaceful resolution to this revolution.   And if we the American people of the American race are forced to defer to open warfare to regain our Republic, all of the skin in that game is going to be yours and it is going to be tacked up on the proverbial wall to dry.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Because we fight and die and murder for freedom in the middle east.The freedom of the Rothschild controlled banks.The same banks who employ the absence of our military at home to fight for their freedom here.Their freedom to control our media,our politicians,our economy,our minds.U.N. has to go.N.A.T.O. has to go.Fiat currency and fractional lending have to go.Then war will go.Otherwise,load ’em up and begin the difficult determination of deciding in the streets just exactly who your enemies are.Right now it’s still pretty clear.Socialists are not a threat and never were.Bankers are and always have been.Under current federal law,where U.S. citizens can be assassinated for suspicion of terrorism, can’t English bankers be assassinated for proof of it ?These are not the ravings of a madman,although I’m totally pissed.This is historical fact.Easily researchable and understandable by anyone who can tear themselves away from “dancing with the stars “for long enough to read it.I had to smile during the last debate when Paul declared “You better wake up!.”He was right again.

    1. “Wake up”? To what? The obvious? And then? More demonstrations? Until what? Until they bring out the Apache helicopters and open up the rotating 50 cal machine guns and use the carcasses for fuel?

      And to those of us who have been “awake” all our lives? What is the word of advice to us? Shall we be missionaries to the fools that constitute and have always constituted the majority? After more than 50 years of trying to communicate with the brain dead, including my own “educated” parents, I, for one, am tired of this futile task.

      Tired of trying to speak of anything beyond the mundane to those who used to watch Walter Conkblight, The Fartridge Family or Blindfeld and who now watch expensive pay per view wrestling events, and The Karstupidans and moronic “new” shows like “The Gifted Man”. But, then…oh,yeah…Dancing With The Stars is really something to live for….that is if your brain never developed beyond 3rd grade level.

      Carl…this country is so stupid and lost, as is and always has been all human society, that all comments are sparrow farts in a hurricane. I shall remain heretofore silent in the pursuit of whatever peace I can find between now and the moment of merciful death.

      Good tidings to all and good f****ng luck!

      1. Hey Brian….Please say it ain’t so that you have taken a position of remaining silent. As futile and void of purpose as it may appear to be, I for one would truly miss your intelligible perspective on the issues that are brought to this forum….particularly that measured dose of sarcasm mixed with a touch of mockery you so often and with eloquence interject.
        Perhaps by my offering you this proposal of promise, as follows, you may be persuaded to reconsider your above stated position;
        Albeit a challenge for me, I shall with all my might muster the necessary strength and fortitude to resist the temptation and thus do hereby promise that I will no longer watch “Dancing With The Scars”. As for wrestling events, be it pay per view or otherwise, not a problem……well…unless Hillary matches with….no..no, not even then. I can handle that. The remaining others you pointed out pose no problem as well, for during those times I am typically searching for that elusive yet eternal note…or combinations of such somewhere on the fretboard of my beat up Telecaster that I fear of late has grown weary of the daily multiples of alternative/open tunings I bring upon her…for she’s all that’s left out of six I once had. To that, ’nuff said.

        So…Brian….on the chance that you may reconsider I shall begin promptly in making these adjustments. Here goes nothing…..(mentally readjusting)…….mmmm, ….already I am becoming quite at ease with the idea. This may actually be easier than I thought. I highly recommend this adjustment to everyone. Aaahhh, and here comes a moment of clarity…………………………

        1. Brian, I agree with Dave, and I promise not to watch ” Dancing with the Shittars, so please stay with us ! And Dave, I know what you mean about your musical instrument inventory being thinned. All I have left is my trusty Strat, out of once having two Marshall amps, a Les Paul Jr. ( 1954 model ), and a gorgeous Guild acoustic. If it wasn’t for my music, I’d be either completely nuts, or in jail by now. It’s a beautiful fucking world, ain’t it ?

          1. Dave and Clark,

            OK…..thanks for the encouraging words….much appreciated. I’m also a guitarist and writer of whatever…including music and lyrics. I’ll just keep putting myself into that for as long as continues to be possible…but…most of what is going on has reached the point at which that is where I am compelled to direct my remaining energy.

            I will, however, on your sincere and, again, appreciated request, continue to attempt to add whatever comic relief I can here even though I am beyond disgusted, sick, and tired of the inane behavior of our species and am compelled, in the interest of preserving whatever is left of my will to continue living, to regulate my expenditure of mental resources in commenting on the behavior of the clinically, although undiagnosed, insane.

            Thanks again.

          2. I agree with Dave and Clark, though I certainly can relate to where you’re coming from. Are you sure you haven’t been talking to my in-laws? You nailed them right down to “Dancing With The Stars.” LOL The only thing you missed was “the only truth in news comes from FOX News.” Trying to reason with them is about as productive as beating my head against a brick wall.
            Check out “The Economics of Abbott and Costello” in the “In The News” section. I don’t agree with their “16%,” but maybe it will help you get your mojo back a bit. 🙂

          3. Hey CK, You got that right. I can’t and I don’t want to imagine being without that…even if if it’s down to one axe..right? It’s like a bridge to some sort of sanity in all the madness…. like a momentary escape route. I’m sure you can relate. You mentioned that you have a Strat…that’s a great feeling guitar…the action is so different through the neck compared to the Telecast like thru the bends you know.. and the weight is really comfortable. Do you string a light gauge?… or maybe you go a heavier gauge? I like the Strat. I would love to own one. For now, we have what we have and we make due with that I suppose, right? I don’t know about you, but I’ll be fortunate to hold onto what’s left of my gear. The Mesa Boogie and Tel. will be the last items I give up…. I’ll go dumpster diving if I have to in order to save those. Diver down…….

          4. I too have a Strat. I think if we let our guitars go we will have surrendered. I will never lose my guitar, my guns will see to it.

          5. What we can never lose is what we learned from learning how to play the thing….whether we are fortunate enough to still have one or not.

            Whereas the morons who control the world will never know that dimension of consciousness because they are perverted, spineless, cowardly, two dimensional, spiritually depraved, amoral, vacuous, demonic beings whose only source of fulfillment is to feed their empty souls through the endless pursuit of always more of everything temporal and ultimately worthless.

            As put by an ancient Zen master: They “sit on the rice bag and starve to death”.

            What’s redeeming in all this is that they always have and will eternally wind up on the gallows…either literally or figuratively.

            And “that’s all I have to say about that”.

          6. The Fender Bros. are alive and well. I don’t know about well, but we’re still alive. Dave, I’ve always used .009 gauge thru .042 gauge strings. I find it easier to rip out some Blues leads with those. And I LOVE Tele’s, too. Great sound, great necks ! Henry, I agree with you again, as usual. I’ll never surrender my last axe. They’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers ! Brian, you’re exactly right, they can never take away our ability to play our music, no matter what ! Rock on, brothers, and Ron Paul in 2012, if the world’s still around by then.

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