Woman arrested for swearing in front of her kids

Supermarket where incident occurredLiberty Unyielding- by Howard Portnoy

If a tree falls in the forest, does it utter a profanity? Better still, if a mother utters an f-bomb in front of her kids in public, is she under arrest?

You better believe it. From South Carolina NBC affiliate WJBF:

A loaf of bread and a few choice words on Sunday evening now have Danielle Wolf in hot water.

Wolf, age 22, moved to South Carolina with her family 3 weeks ago but a night at a grocery store has her wanting to move back to Ohio.

“He was like, ‘You’re under arrest’… right in front of kids, in front of my husband, in front of customers.” said Wolf, of the North Augusta Department of Public Safety who arrested her.

Wolf was charged with disorderly conduct. According to the incident report, she was shopping at a local supermarket with her children and hubby around 10:15 pm Sunday, heading down the bread aisle. When her offspring kept squeezing the loaves, she let out the granddaddy of all curse words. Another customer nearby witnessed her potty mouth and soon Wolf was in cuffs.

She protests that she was addressing her husband, telling reporters:

I didn’t harm nobody. I didn’t hurt nobody. The lady said she was having a bad day. So, because you’re having a bad day you’re going to ruin somebody’s life.

Though the North Augusta Department of Public Safety provided the station with a copy of the law, investigating officers wouldn’t comment on the case.

This case is just the latest in which a seemingly minor infraction led to the kind of reaction from law enforcement you might expect in a place like Singapore, where littering is punishable by caning. In one of the most recent examples, a mother was arrested for allowing her child to play unsupervised in a park near her place of work. Even more absurd was a case last year in Texas where a mom was arrested for allowing her kids to play outside the house as she looked on!

This is not to suggest that this commentator condones swearing at or in front of one’s kids. When Omaha parents coached their toddler to mouth the vilest profanities and then posted an “adorable” video of the same online, child protective services intervened. Even then, I was personally torn over whether it was the State’s business.

Read more at http://libertyunyielding.com/2014/08/15/woman-arrested-swearing-front-kids/#Fvf0Lii1JATB1HPV.99


13 thoughts on “Woman arrested for swearing in front of her kids

  1. yes, we have a right to “free speech”, as long as you only say what you’re allowed to, and of course, any two-bit pig gets to decide that your life should be destroyed for uttering the wrong words, or exercising any of your other constitutional rights.

    This poor woman won’t get to work tomorrow, will probably lose her job, and her home shortly afterward because some stinking pig didn’t like what she had to say.

    If you think we’re still living in America you’re an idiot. This is a communist dictatorship, and anyone who shows any sign that they’re likely to resist this takeover is being beaten, shot, or thrown in jail, as a bunch of mentally-challenged and steroid-addicted pigs have been enlisted for the job of beating the population into submission.

    It’s kill or be killed, and the sooner you realize that, the better your chances of survival.

  2. So where’s the proof? Was it recorded? Is it just her word against the other persons?
    Cop didn’t witness this
    I would fight this hard in court ( seemingly unnecessary but)
    I would tell not ask the judge where in this court room is my accuser ?
    If that person isn’t there to cross examine I would demand the case thrown out because that is another one of our rights we better start fighting for
    And as far as I’m concerned even if the accuser is present , it’s still hearsay
    Her word against the accusers
    Should never stand up in a bullshit court of law

    1. That’s all the courts are these days is bullsh#t.

      They’re only there for one reason – to extract ‘money’.

      Waste of time and resources (‘money’).

  3. I actually liked the reporting of this story here: http://www.mommyish.com/2014/08/14/mom-arrested-for-swearing-south-carolina/

    I wasn’t sure it would get posted though. 🙂

    Thanks to this story, I just remembered that I have to run to the store to get some f’in’ bread. 😆

    You’re right JR, everything and anything can get you arrested these days. If the other shopper would have kept her traumatized mouth shut, this poor woman never would have been arrested in the first place. I’m so sick of this see something, say something society BS. People need to turn off their idiot boxes, and stop being so brainwashed. Grrr

  4. A couple years ago I was in juvenile court for a minor thing my stepson was going thru. I had a pen in my pocket, but it is also a tape recorder. I keep it with me because I write songs and poetry and its easier to get my ideas on tape than write them down. The bailiff saw the pen and she took it and then gave me a felony ticket, and took my concealed handgun license away…It was dismissed and I got my license back, but shyte.. Then, a couple months ago, I was on my way home from a friends house, stopped by the convenience store on my way home. I live two blocks away, in residential streets where you cant even drive more than 20 MPH. 2 friggin blocks. So I did not put my seatbelt on….Low and behold, a motorcycle cop was in the vicinity and I got a ticket for no seatbelt. I told him I live 25 yards away gimme a break! I always wear a seatbelt…And besides that, I havnt had a ticket in 20 years. And he knew it..So, he screwed me over a friggin seatbelt ticket even tho I was only driving 2 blocks in a residential area. I am really getting sick of this, and as JR noted we are getting to the point to kill or be killed…

  5. “I was personally torn over whether it was the State’s business.”

    Concerning this, it’s never the state’s business, but they make it their business, and through CPS they make it a business.

    Again, no victim, no crime. These arrests should be met with deadly force.
    Enough of the low-IQ ‘profanity’ circus controversy.


  6. OMG…..unfrigginbelievable……… We have become North Korea. I can’t take this shit anymore (whoops, I made a profanity).

    What the heck? China doesn’t even do this, people.

    Why can’t we all just unite and make this insanity end? It could be so damn easy and so damn quick. I just don’t get why people would rather live in slavery than to be free.

  7. What is really stupid is that the movies have the F-word 100 times per hour, the “Rap” music is even worse. When society was really polite, we only heard such words on an army base, and even then the Chaplain would lay charges against the user.
    To have such nonsense in today’s society, when half the population call all women including their wives and sisters “Bitches” and “Hoes” is ridiculous.
    To use the term “Mother-F**” 50 years ago would have got you killed and the killer would have been seen as justified. Now it is a term of endearment.
    The stupidity just keeps on growing.

  8. NC…we have been asleep too long…There really is nothing to do. Start shooting police? Yeah, that will go over well….Watch the HBO series “jericho”…it tells much. Or better yet, go to amazon (sic) and buy the book “molon labe” by Boston T Party… I have no clue what to do, except keep expressing and teaching others….I do believe tho, that self protection is important…if they come to your house without a warrant they are intruders.
    Thats all I got….

  9. since when does somebody take letters out of the alphabet, form them together to make a word, and its a bad word? I mean wtf? f#@k, shit, damn, c#@k, c#@t, whatever…they are just words..
    How about arresting those who say, netanyahoo, obushma, etc.?
    Dear lord our society is so f#@ked up that you cant use letters out of the alphabet without someone gettting weird.
    ok, thats it, I am going to email Henry with George Carlins version of this story..

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