Woman brutally beaten in jail for asking cops for a tampon

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Audra West was vacationing in Fort Lauderdale last month when she was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct.

A day later, the Texas hairdresser was taken to the Broward Sheriff’s Office north jail in Pompano Beach. That’s where she alleges she was beaten up by corrections deputies.

“I went into jail with no bruises and I came out covered in bruises,” West told Local 10 in a Skype interview from her home in Texas.   

West showed Local 10 photos of her injuries taken two days after the alleged incident.

 “I’ve got bruises all over my body,” West said. “My face was swollen. My eye was basically swollen shut. I had bruises and cuts all over me.”

West and attorney Gary Kollin filed a complaint with the BSO’s internal affairs division. The BSO confirms it is investigating.

West claims the whole thing started while she was in a holding area wearing a jail jumpsuit and asked a female BSO deputy for a feminine pad.

Source and full story: Local 10, 20 May 2014


4 thoughts on “Woman brutally beaten in jail for asking cops for a tampon

  1. She should have asked them to sell her some heroin and they would have been a lot nicer.

    If I were that woman, I wouldn’t wait for the results of their investigation. Either hunt them down and get your own justice, or forget about it. (unless you can soak the local pigs for millions in a lawsuit, but that’s a long-shot too)

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