8 thoughts on “Woman Goes Off After Seeing A Transgender Man Exposing Himself In Front Of Little Girls At A Spa!

  1. No, what should happen is, a man, husband, boyfriend or father of any of the young girls in this spa, should dive in there and waste that mthrfkr…..

    Fk all this nambie pambie talking along with the tattooed cuck defending this unknown.

    All this commie shit gonna end soon. Another thing, as one of the Last Agendas of the Communist playbook, after they have debased all moralities in the commons, they then begin purging all the nice Useful idiots who helped them get their communism in place, this is Historical fact jack!

    They know they can’t trust them, so they are the first to be prosecuted in a deadly fashion, so all you queer, Lgbtqpqrst’s you should all be aware of this End Game… Guess you are too euphoric with all the publicity and Acceptance you are getting…huh…!

  2. Related: Wanna see another psyop? Sorry it’s a little graphic, but I post it here just to show what they’re shoving up the culture (accidental pun). I’m so out of the loop with stuff like this (and probably too naive for my own damn good), but when it popped up after another video I had to view it and all I could think of was, “Damn you, leave the men alone!!” And oh yeah, “Kesser and Bryant”:



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