Woman nurses kids through the flu, then is diagnosed herself, only to die 3 days later – all of them were vaccinated

Natural News – by Lance D Johnson

The flu shot is not just a medical hoax, with a purported 30 percent efficacy rate; it’s also a kind of biological weapon that spreads disease and causes further complications that lead to death.

A 37-year-old mother thought she was doing the right thing when she had her two kids vaccinated with this year’s flu shot. After all, advertisements, news stations, pharmacies and doctors all promote the same thing: Flu shots are the best prevention. No one informed this caring mother that the live attenuated virus in the flu vaccine readily reverts to infectious form after injection, causing flu and secondary infections. Consequentially, her son and daughter came down with the flu after being vaccinated.  

Karlie Slaven, a university manager from Indiana, spent an entire week with her two children, nursing them back to health. A good mother she was; however, she wasn’t prepared for the biological terrorism that was to come next.

No one told her about virus shedding — a problem derived from vaccines made with live attenuated viruses. In viral shedding, a recently vaccinated individual spreads virus particles more readily through the air. For days, weeks, and sometimes months, vaccinated individuals rapidly spread virus particles through the air. A new scientific study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) revealed that flu shot recipients emit 630 percent more flu virus particles into the air, compared to non-vaccinated individuals.

Karlie didn’t know that her two vaccinated kids had been turned into carriers and spreaders of flu viruses. As Karlie nursed her kids back to health, it was only a matter of time before they spread the vaccine’s virus to their mother. Karlie had reportedly gotten flu shots in the past, exposing her immune system to various strains, but this year’s shed viruses took her body by surprise.

Karlie became ill by the end of the week and sought medical attention. She was diagnosed with the flu and sent home. After three days, her immune system depressed and pneumonia set in. The complications worsened. Her husband Mike, deployed with the army, was called in to be by her side. Karlie passed away just three days after being diagnosed with the flu. The disillusioned husband spoke out in the media, telling everyone to set aside their prejudices and bias and just get the flu shot. Stricken with emotion, what he can’t see is that the flu shot is what victimized his children, ultimately killing his wife.

Flu shots are a false hope — dangerous medicine that preys on the goodwill of loving parents. Flu shots are scientifically proven to be biological weapons that spread flu viruses via viral shedding. Also, by the time the flu antigen(s) is selected and formulated into the current year’s flu vaccine, the flu virus currently circulating has already mutated. This is why those who get vaccinated with the yearly flu vaccine are more susceptible. Their bodies are being exposed to viruses that aren’t currently circulating. To make matters worse, some of the new flu vaccines use multiple antigens, which overwhelms the immune system, not conveying strong immunity to the person for each strain. This makes people like Karlie, who previously got flu vaccines in year’s past, more susceptible to further sickness and complication from mutated strains of the current flu outbreak. (For more information on how vaccines spread disease, check out Vaccines.News.)

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8 thoughts on “Woman nurses kids through the flu, then is diagnosed herself, only to die 3 days later – all of them were vaccinated

  1. Funny thing is
    I’ve never been vaccinated

    I’m supposed to be dead according to all the vaxers

    In your FACE!

  2. When I was a kid, my mom made a big deal about our vaccinations, she didn’t know any better, God bless her. Thank God I’m still here.

    Never again, but I feel real bad for this woman, there has to be justice somewhere with all of this.

  3. Isn’t that always the case the shot is a gamble it might match the exact N#H# virus that could be most prevalent that season but usually is perhaps only 10 % effective? Always read the super fine print on the insert that comes with it. Maybe someone will photo copy one and post here. You decide after reading if you’d inject.

  4. When this virus gets going (and it will be spreading quickly because the vaccinated are spreading it) at least one brain-dead politician is going to insist that mandatory flu shots become law.

    That might work nicely to really “drain the swamp” once and for all.

  5. “The disillusioned husband spoke out in the media, telling everyone to set aside their prejudices and bias and just get the flu shot.”


    Hate to say it, people, but we’re fighting an uphill battle against TERMINAL STUPIDITY!!!!!

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