Would Jesus Join the Occupy Wall Street Protests?

The income gap continues to grow as more protesters flow into the streets.  And what is the question of the day?  Would Jesus be a part of the Occupy Wall Street protests?  From 1979 to 2007 the income of the top 1% has risen 275%; this is the reality of the theft.  No one can claim that such enormous wealth can be acquired by so few honestly.

The new Super Soviet/Committee has gone to work.  And now we the people are going to find out what raw communism looks like.  On the live broadcast yesterday we revealed eleven pieces of legislation designed to expand foreign worker visas to bring foreign labor into the United States to further displace and replace those among us still fortunate to have a job.  This is a coordinated attack being orchestrated by both the neo-cons and social communists and is targeting everything from our high tech jobs, which is about all that is left of our middle class, clear down to sheepherders and everything in between.

Obama’s $400 billion jobs bill represents nothing more than another huge corporate giveaway, destined for the pockets of US contractors who will only be hiring foreign laborers, both here and overseas.  Everyone out there does realize that when these contractors hire workers through the work visas, these are counted as US jobs being created.

These eleven new pieces of legislation for the expansion of the visa programs are a deliberate attempt to finish off our middle class.  And the fact that the mainstream propagandists have to be making a conscience effort to hide their existence and potential effects can only be considered as a blatant act of treason.  How could anyone suggest bringing in foreign labor when we are suffering a 20% unemployment rate?  This is greed beyond greed.

The bottom line is contracts will be available and the corporate elite will be going forward with complete confidence and further record profits, using foreign labor within the United States.  And the pretense that American workers are not qualified or intelligent enough to become so to do these jobs is equivalent to spitting in our faces.

Mind you, the propaganda and lobbyist push for these visa programs started back in the 1990s and if there was truly going to be need for a skilled labor in 2011, don’t you think we could have educated our own people to be ready to take those jobs?  Of course we could have.  There is just one problem with the American worker, and that is that he or she does not want to work for just room and board.

These foreign workers coming into our country should be met with the same venom that the mine workers and truck drivers met the scabs that had come to take their jobs and institute a corporate dictatorship during the labor wars.  And it should be noted that this greed is not just represented by big corporations but indeed exists from the top to the bottom when agriculture is figured into the equation.

I will make it clear.  I am not talking about the small mom and pop businesses which are being destroyed in our country by the mega international corporations like Wal-Mart.  I am talking about corporate farms and ranches and tech corporations who now want a new subsidy in being allowed to hire foreigners in the US and take the Social Security and taxes they would have to pay a US worker and add them to their already grossly gluttonous profits.

The mainstream propagandists working with Rick Perry and Herman Cain are now trying to turn the issue for the 2012 election away from one for jobs to a debate as to who can give the biggest tax cuts to the corporate elite.  In order for the corporate elite to pay less taxes the poor and middle class must pay more.  This is a mathematical fact and unless you are a multi-millionaire, and I mean $10 million or more a year, your head is being put on the chopping block.

The greed within the elite has become a sickness.  The neo-cons like to compare the government’s need to spend money to a cocaine addiction.  Well I think it is also true that the filthy rich’s need to pile up and horde more wealth is a worse addiction.

The only candidate talking any sense is Ron Paul.  He is not promising us bigger piles of diamonds or even a free ride on the gravy train.  He is saying that government has failed and he is offering us our Constitution back.  In short he wants to give us the means to solve our own problems as we see fit.  He knows it is through our Constitution that we built the greatest and most prosperous nation to ever exist on this planet.  He knows that true equality in every venue can only exist through the true equality as individuals that our Constitution guarantees us.

We must as Americans attack the foreign visa legislations right now, today, as the more power wrested away from us through loss of our jobs and wealth, the weaker we become, and right now we need to be getting stronger, not weaker.  We must let those pushing these legislations, both from the false left and the false right, know that they are being identified as the traitors they are and that they are going to suffer for their duplicity.

We will be compiling a list of those who are supporting this treason and we all must act on that list.

As for the Jesus question, I think a better question would be if Jesus were a part of the Occupy Wall Street protests, would the police hesitate in shooting Him in the face with a rubber bullet or spraying Him with pepper spray or beating Him with a night stick or crucifying Him on a corporate cross?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Awesome article Henry,

    The type of engineers required or high tech workers can be trained on the company dime WITHIN THE COMPANY with on the spot specific training! CEO’s had better pull their heads out of their asses and start to think in terms of INHOUSE training with a guaranteed job after the training is over . Americans come first. Foreigners need not apply. Make the CEO’s cough up the cash for the training. They can hold off on the 3000 square foot addition to the mansion for a later time. Most of these so called professional CEO’s stole most of their money from the taxpayer anyway.


  2. Walters quoted Madoff as saying: “I feel safer here (in prison) than outside. I have people to talk to, no decisions to make. I know I will die in prison. I lived the last 20 years of my life in fear. Now, I have no fear because I’m no longer in control.”

    She also said he told her he understands why his one-time clients hate him, and that the average person thinks he “robbed widows and orphans.” But he also told her, “I made wealthy people wealthier.”

    Full article here: http://www.optimum.net/Entertainment/AP/Article?fmId=54327385

  3. have a comment instead of occupying wallstreet the only way the message will get across is when you actually shut the building down those fuckers could care less abought anyone protesting there still making money and breaking the law everyday there been three arrest in greenwich connecticut for insider training some guy named raj kazakhistan this guy has billionsthey give him ten years he will most likely do a year in the federal penn where madoff gets to reside it’s just sickening i rob a bank i get 20 years automatically and these parasites are stealing millions and millions they have no one to fear instead of protesting hit the building disrupt the stock exchange if they cant make money excuse there steal for the day thats where you hurt them

  4. No.He’d be too busy over at the vatican bewaring of men in fancy robes and throwing the money changers from the temple.He would be crucified before He made it to Wall Street,probably by the forces of the new san hedrin,U.N. peace keepers.

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