6 thoughts on “WTF LAX shooting paramedics carrying a dummy in a wheelchair???

    1. You’re welcome, rhumstruck. I remembered your comment yesterday saying you were looking for this. So when I saw it on another site, I sent it in. Glad to help.

  1. Why would they put an unconscious wounded fed on a baggage cart? wouldn’t they have waited for an $10,000 ambulance gurney????

    Looks like one of the Beverly Hillbilly scarecrows to me. Looks like something granny made up!

    1. I say this over and over they need continuity experts like they use in Hollywood for these faked events. A good director that understands what real blood looks like after it clots, bones exposed from limbs do not match the real thing (Boston Marathon), bombs that go off in front of store windows found intact, school shootings that show nothing and have horrible actors tell the story over and over only not word for word. Need I say more.

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