3 thoughts on “Young Hearts Part 15 – and on it goes. The fallout continues

  1. “If you are a tyrannt who starts coming after my family, I will shoot you in the face.
    Madison Cawthorn. US Representative from North Carolina. March 2022.

  2. Just stop.
    Dont do this to yourself, and not your kids!
    There is absolutely nothing on this planet for any reason, to warrant parents to give this shot to their kids!
    I’m saddened to say it, but ‘you reap what you sow’. You parents did this! You allowed it, pushed for it! You are self serving, not wanting ti be inconvenienced. But I pray for your children, and pray they weather this well. I have hope for them, not the blinded parents.
    Flat out…you dumb f****! I just can’t, way too emotional…

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