Zionist Attempt to Racially Divide American Nationals Failing Miserably

As a result of the failed attempt by so called black leaders to direct black Americans to join with the Zionists against their fellow American nationals, another attempt is now being made to preserve what little is left of the racial divide in the United States.  The communist insurgents within are now once again bringing Affirmative Action back to the table.  This is a futile attempt and will accomplish nothing as we Americans of every race have come to the realization that the agenda for the international soviet insurgency is to bring every American national into a state of slavery, regardless of the color of our skin.

When an entire population is enslaved, any pretense of social order among the enslaved in reference to skin color is dispelled.  Maybe this is the equality the corporate elite have been talking about all along in that we will all be equally reduced to bonded servitude, regardless of race, creed, or color.

The race division program is becoming a bit of a conundrum for the mainstream propagandists and those they serve, as we American nationals are clearly separating ourselves from the insurgents via our national identity.

In the past, as a part of the multi-culturalism, those Americans with darker skin have been conned into supporting the insurgents as fellow minorities without consideration to the fact that the insurgents are foreigners coming into the United States to replace our workforce and destroy our economy and social structure.

We Americans are one people with a common language and common culture.  This country and the wealth of its resources are ours.  And the only equality the insurgents within our government can lay any claim to is in the fact that we are being equally stolen from.

I stand firmly beside all my fellow nationals without regard to the color of their skin.  We have both foreign and domestic enemies, both within and without, whose agenda it is to remove our rights and take our property, whether it is our national property, that is ours as individuals, or our individual personal property, right down to the clothes we are wearing.

The reality of an imminent conflict between we the people and the international soviet insurgency is omnipresent and no longer can be denied, causing the effect that we are seeking out and embracing one another as brothers and sisters, who must come to the aid of one another if we are to save ourselves.  Any and all attempts to divide us in any way are showing themselves like a shiny penny in a noonday sun.

It is encouraging to see the worm turning right before my eyes and to see the charlatans and their matrix self destructing by way of their own hands.  I have a renewed confidence that we the people are going to rise to the challenge and take our country back for us.

3 thoughts on “Zionist Attempt to Racially Divide American Nationals Failing Miserably

  1. Good article! But what concerns me is, not to many sheep can make the connection that Jewish bankers and communism are one and the same. The fact that it was jewish bankers that funded the Bolshevik revolution escapes even most “awakened”. Doubt it? Where do the rich Russian “oligarchs” escape to? Israel! Wasn’t Stalins brother-in-law Kaganovich the jew that was responsible for the Ukrainian Holocaust?

  2. From my observations, most Americans are completely clueless as to what a Zionist is. They think Israel is a poor little country that get’s bullied, and needs to be protected at all costs. They know nothing about the Jewish/Zionist influence in our Govt. Complete ignorance !

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