Zionist Israel and the International Game of Chess

It has been almost two years since the beginning of the so called Arab Spring and it would seem that the Middle East is right back where it started.  Following the election of Mohammad Morsi as President of Egypt, the contention was put forth that he was a week leader and would have very limited power until a new constitution could be written and a new government formed.

Now once again we see the tents pitched in Tahrir Square and the people of Egypt divided into two opposing camps – the pro-western so called secularists and the hard core Muslim Brotherhood.  And with the recent seizure of power by Morsi, who is now being called the Pharaoh, we could quite possibly have another Middle Eastern civil war looming on the horizon.

Could it be that the original transition of power from Mubarak to Morsi did not accomplish the intended goals, which were nothing more than to instill a new regime more susceptible to bribes from the US for Israel?

I think we are seeing an uncalculated angle coming out of what is the chaos in the Middle East.

It was recently reported that Iran is dealing in a gold backed currency in its attempt to break the stranglehold sanctions being perpetrated by the international banksters via the dollar.  Could it be that in this attempt to unite the Middle East under a common flag for the purpose of world war that maybe the elitists have miscalculated in their timing?

With the killing of Ambassador Stephens in Benghazi, it would seem that the US backed Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood has double crossed the agents of Zion that facilitated their rise to power.  Will they now go forth with the gold dinar that caused the necessity for the elimination of Muammar Gaddafi?

Maybe the Arabs are not as ignorant as we are led to believe.  The Middle East and Northern Africa are most definitely united via the Muslim Brotherhood.  Is it possible that they used the US backed Zionists to bring themselves into power and now, rather than completing the deal by allowing their people to be enslaved to the US debt dollar and the international banks, they are making an attempt to break free?

They allowed foreign governments to invade militarily under the guise of settling internal disputes and now that victory has been declared, it would be hard to justify another invasion to fix the fix.

Is this the ultimate game of chess and is this latest episode in Gaza, which has sucked Egypt in, just a calculated move to reignite the unrest in Egypt and make it look like a natural movement of their people to cause that country to go into civil war along with Lebanon in order to put the planned Middle East conquest back on track and punish the Muslim Brotherhood for their betrayal?

To think the Zionists would give up on their conquest just because the Arabs outsmarted them in one facet of the game would be naïve.  No amount of duplicity is beyond them and it will be interesting to see how this goes forward as it would appear outwardly that the Russians and Chinese have been doing a bit of their own plotting behind the scenes with Iran and Libya in reference to an international gold backed currency to replace the failing US fiat debt dollar.

God help us to see through the duplicity and counter the push toward World War III.

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