100% foolproof solution to stop TSA from stealing your valuables out of your carry-on bag


Here’s a 100% foolproof solution to stop the TSA from stealing your valuables. Watch as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, explains how you can fly with gold coins, expensive electronics, cameras and iPads without having any of them stolen by TSA thieves (who routinely steal such items and sell them on eBay).


20 thoughts on “100% foolproof solution to stop TSA from stealing your valuables out of your carry-on bag

  1. 1. This is all way too much work.
    2. TSA will just tell you to unlock all of this or make up some security threat.
    3. You are giving TSA another excuse to further implement control on us, rather than telling us to fight the TSA and not take any of their shit.
    4. Just DON’T FLY!

    1. TSA has been created to steal from the passengers by the Govt.the loot from the passengers is to pay down the debt incurred by the Federal Government. TSA has no other use or purpose

      1. Boy are you wacko about this one….LMFAO!!

        First off…the debt will NEVER, EVER be paid off or down. Talking TRILLIONS $$$$$$$$$$ dude! There will be massive worldwide debt forgiveness very soon. NESARA, (Google it!) is the new financial system and power back to the people, and has already been signed into law, since Clinton was president, but held back by the Dark Cabal that’s really been in charge. But no more! They are being ‘cleaned out’ now ASAP, and a new Gov. based on restoring full Constitution and Common Law will be fully implemented / dovetailed into the last of the corrupted Gov when it’s ready to roll. This year, within months or maybe even weeks now!

        These TSA thieves steal stuff because they’re hired from the lowest morons of sheeple in the food chain. They just plain have no morals, integrity, brains, are greedy, low life scum. They see a shiny object or anything that looks appealing to them and they rip it with no conscience.

        Plaiin & simple!

        1. Roland Get your ass off the floorquit laughing and listen up, do you believe in leprechauns,nesara and the “dove of oneness” are a HOAX I can show you dozens of emails from 12 yrs ago with the “any day now” real soon prosperity for all LIES Grow up and understand the age old wisdom of IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS and dont spread these false hope lies from this nesara nonsense.

  2. It is easy to to cut wire ties. Yes it takes more work but like he says a pair of finger nail clippers can cut the thin ones. You can cut it easy with a key chain pocket knife or even keys sometimes.

    I don’t fly – I have only flew twice for work in the last ten years. and I made them frisk me I will not be put into their pornography machine.

    at least with a search if some one touches me somewhere they shouldn’t my first natural reaction will be a fist to the side of the temple.

  3. Absent having the TSA follow the constitutional prohibition against such searches, how about having several overhead and oblique angle cameras looking at the table where said unconstitutional searches are performed and summarily beheading any TSA agent caught stealing.? The execution would take place right there at the inspection station in full view of passengers and other TSA agents. No trial, no appeals no excuses. Swipe an iPad and within five minutes your head would be severed from your torso. I bet that would put an end to the pilfering.

    I refuse to fly any more. I wish that Mr. Adams would understand that he is complacent in his own rights being violated. I cannot understand why people voluntarily submit to this crap and then complain about it. It makes me think they are brain-sick.




    1. Yep. That would be too easy, for people. Just like taking all of your money out of banks in less than a week would collapse the monetary system. It could end so easily without force if people just pick a day and do it together. Not too hard at all.

  5. George “W-rong” Bush hired the former head of the East German STASI, Marcus Wolf, to design Homeland Security. Why? Well look at the results ….
    Make their jobs miserable. Push them up to the limit. Let them know they are despised. Pack filthy SMELLY underwear.

    1. Really? I did not know this. Not that it wouldn’t surprise me. It all adds up anyways with the way our country is going. Talk about a traitor. George W. did exactly what his father did, which was play both sides of the game and help the German Nazis, while at the same time trying to destroy them all for control and profit.

  6. This is BS! Don’t follow this system.
    Anyone with a ball point pen can get into a zipper in 10 seconds.
    Check YouTube.
    Nice of him to have it all “tied” together so its even easier to grab & go.

  7. I have the best answer to this!
    NB. I would like to see my child living now in the US. But I will NOT FLY! Until all the personnel & I mean all, are wearing “orange jump suit”
    (Exception to this M Woolf just hanging from a lamp-post without an orange jump suit)

  8. “I cannot understand why people voluntarily submit to this crap and then complain about it.”

    TSA means Transportation as in automobile. Homeland Gestapo has ordered 15,000 fortified check points. After the next 9/11 we will be dealing with these TSA goons on our highways.

    Here is how we pull down the whole corrupt mess. Make sure this video goes viral. Both bush and the black clinton are pushing drugs and running guns and US Intelligence.

  9. Wow…Much work for all this.
    Say, let’s make it more worthwhile. Here’s what I plan to do in the future.
    Get some old, junky cameras. Broken iPhones. iPads, etc. and place them in the luggage. When the Thief Stealing All steals all the stuff from the luggage, he’ll end up with a pile of broken stuff.
    And to add to the fun, there will be a stash of those gold, chocolate-filled coins you can obtain from some candy stores. Perhaps when the goon sees “coins” on the x-ray, he’d be more apt to rummage through the stuff.
    To make it more fun, should the worthless scum be caught, he’ll get nailed for stealing useless items.
    Oh the justice!!!

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