4 thoughts on “100 Years of Deep-State Conspiracy to Destroy American Freedom & Humanity

    1. (Alex Jones screaming) “It’s the Chicoms!”, “It’s the Arabs!”

      (Alex Jones calmly speaking) “Some of my best friends are jewish. In fact my producer & my top sponsor are jews!”

    2. I know. I cringe every time I see Info Wars or Natural News. How many years they misdirected so many. Except for CNN and NBC, etc., they may be the biggest gate-keepers on the planet. Oh wait, I forgot about the BIGGEST: NPR and PBS, the ones that dish it with a smile and a soft voice, attempting to hypnotize. Masters of Deception.



  1. Just like the electric companies BIG DEATH LIE!!! They are smiling saying the smart meter is a big achievement and the roll out is a huge success and everybody has to have one on a flyer sent to everybodys home!!! Were going to make sure each fckg house has one now!!!!! KILL SWITCH ENGAGED

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