One thought on “This is how you debate the climate change cult

  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Not a fan of these rich c*nts but these global warming/climate change cultist freaks are really dumb mthfkn sheep who deserve ridicule & worse!

    Here’s some fun you can have when talking to one. Tell them when they get home to place a glass on the bench then half fill it with ice & then top it up with water to the brim before they go to bed. Then ask them to check the glass in the morning when the ice has melted & let you know what the level of the water now is. Did it spill out all over the brim onto the bench or did the water level drop? Here’s a clue – when ice freezes it expands. Probably won’t shut them up for long as most just like the sound of their own voice but it will prove a point with SCIENCE! LOL!

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