5 thoughts on “10,000 TRUCKS REGROUPED!

  1. Small fringe minority he states at the end..!

    How quaint; so what will you All end up doing, Voting?

    Now imagine these people actually wanted their freedom from these criminal Governments: 10,000! All armed or unarmed…? That’s the test!

    Will you somehow make these psychopaths wearing $10k suits fall to their knees and provide you with freedom…!!?

    Peace will be achieved through eradication of the bad actors, their supporters, enforcers and corporate mechanisms

    I wager this can’t be done without superior firepower

  2. 10-4 backdoor put the peddle down and let’em roar, we got us a convoy. What they have is superior horsepower and commercial tanks, hit some cop cars with those puppies. Didn’t anyone see the movie “Convoy” mercy sakes.

  3. Getting worked up to a frenzy is counter-productive, in this new fangled war theater.
    Considering the recent deployment of LRADs in Australia and Canada remember, or possibly, learn for the first time, of Operation Crimson Mist, the slaughter of over one million Rwandan tribesmen in 1994, facilitated by the CIA.
    They’ve got the tools to end us, six ways from Sunday.
    What do you suppose they’ve got today, 3 decades into the future?
    I keep my mind occupied with the processing of cannabinoids, supporting the urban myth that pot blocks MK Ultra-type incursion. 😉

    1. “They’ve got the tools to end us, six ways from Sunday.
      What do you suppose they’ve got today, 3 decades into the future?”

      What the f-k? Guess we’d better throw up the white flag and surrender, just like the Rwandans, we have nothing of our own to fight with. And we didn’t create the technology that you seem to fear so much.
      Well you made it up once, buddy, now you can take your defeatist shill ass off this site.
      We are going to pound the shit out of these mother f-kers and we will be coming after the f-king shills too.
      These c-ksuckers can’t keep the internet on half the time and need Chinese parts that the Chinese won’t give them.
      Keep your defeatist ass away from the people who still have balls and a spine.

    2. What a poor use of the leaf, that some call the sacrament. Has it not yet opened the door for you to see evil and recognize your responsibility in facing it down?


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