12-Year Old Girl Links All US Presidents to Same Bloodline But One

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If you have never questioned your government, you might want to think about it now as all but 1 US president are connected to the same bloodline.

Using both male and female ancestry a 12 year old girl has linked every US president but one to the former King of England as they are all of the same bloodline and one common ancestor. It’s the first family tree of it’s kind according to the report, linking the presidents to the signer of the Magna Carta, John “Lackland” Plantagenet the King of England in the year 1166. This demonstrates how illegitimate our government really is.  


3 thoughts on “12-Year Old Girl Links All US Presidents to Same Bloodline But One

  1. Give this girl a scholarship then a medal! She just proved what true patriots have been preaching all along….God Bless her!

  2. This isn’t just presidents, but all famous movie stars are also descended from the Plantagenets, and the bloodline goes back to kings of ancient Jerusalem.

    But…in my humble opinion, bloodline tracing is often based on a record-keeping system that’s known for hiding illegitimate children, and turning adopted children into biological children, but regardless of who slept with whom, I guess the parents are the people who raised the kid, because that’s all we have to go on.

  3. The are all Satanists and ritual murderers and exist solely to deprive man kind of its rightful God given freedom. They come from a long line that have sold their souls for the right to fame, fortune and power.

    To become the entitled, to become the chosen few you must sell your soul to the devil for that is the price demanded. Sadistic is a Satanic word that describes all these creatures that want to control everything for their unjust enrichment. They are 100% pure filth and nothing more than spawns of the devil. We should all spit on them.

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