1/27/2015 — Burns, Oregon Shooting / Militia Alert : Shortwave Broadcast 3.843Mhz

Published on Jan 27, 2016 by dutchsinse

January 27, 2016 : Full 1st hand update from on the ground in Burns Oregon. Broadcast via shortwave.

This broadcast contains a witness interview from the shooting of Robert Lavoy Finnicum (Finicum).

Contact the militia on the ground reporting in this shortwave broadcast: Name of the contact “Jamie”


5 thoughts on “1/27/2015 — Burns, Oregon Shooting / Militia Alert : Shortwave Broadcast 3.843Mhz

  1. The Idaho militia wont do anything. Theres a video on the web with those punks shaking hands and being friendly with the feds. Don’t trust anyone that’s cozy with feds. They all looked like brothers at a BBQ.

  2. Cold blooded murder. The Burn’s community did not need FBI protection from the Bundy group; they need it from the vicious, domestic terrorists of the FBI. Thank God the truth is getting out from an eye witness, to offset the lies the FBI will tell. What sub-human, syphilis infected scum they are! May their families die of AIDS!

  3. I listen to this group on occasion. 3843 kHz is in the Extra portion of the 75 meter amateur band. I’ve tried to check in but band conditions are usually poor.

    You pretty much have to expect this from the feds where having your hands in the air and stating that you are disarmed is never good enough.

  4. Where are the Idaho 3 percenters who were all buddy buddy with the FBI now? Why were they out and about without an armed caravan in the first place? These dummies think this is a game…They went to war. The feds understood this, they didn’t. You don’t go roaming around in the open with a small band , unprepared for a fire fight in a war zone. You move with a sizable force or you move under cover in a small unit. Dumbasses, every one, every move they have made. If you are going to go play “militia” you are going to die. They need to wise the f@#k up and realize what they stepped in.

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