16 GOP Senators agreed to participate in Sedition

Sixteen Republicans split with their party leaders and voted Thursday to end the GOP filibuster of gun control legislation and begin what will be a contentious Senate debate on the issue.

The final vote was 68-31.

The 16 GOP senators that voted to stop the gun control filibuster were:  

Lamar Alexander of Tennessee;

Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire;

Richard Burr of North Carolina;

Saxby Chambliss of Georgia;

Tom Coburn of Oklahoma;

Susan Collins of Maine;

Bob Corker of Tennessee;

Jeff Flake of Arizona;

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina;

John Hoeven of North Dakota;

Johnny Isakson of Georgia;

Dean Heller of Nevada;

Mark Kirk of Illinois;

John McCain of Arizona;

Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania;

Roger Wicker of Mississippi.

5 thoughts on “16 GOP Senators agreed to participate in Sedition

      1. Get tape, get tape, get tape!! Make sure to record the event and share it with everyone!!
        We all want to enjoy the festivities!

  1. Can someone drop an anvil on Harry Reid’ head. I’m so sick of listening to that treasonous bastard. And yet he continues to use the Sandy Hoax even after they voted on the policies. Gotta keep that psychological emotional bullshit alive, eh Harry Scumbag Reid?

  2. The fact that these men actually are going against the constitution of the United States of America is treason, which should be more than enough reason to relieve them of their command. Peacefully because we are better than these war mongering men.

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