3rd Grade Government Homework: ‘Good Citizens Do Not Argue’

Activist Post – by Heather Callaghan

An old school chum sent us this Ohio-based 3rd grade government study guide showing that the generation immediately following ours is under a more-than-subtle approach to behavior modification.



We think this study guide given out before Christmas break 2013 speaks for itself. It may or may not be Common Core based. Behavior molding schooling precedes Common Core by decades.

Aside from the take home message that if you don’t button your mouth, obey laws, vote and pay taxes “you’re bad” – a third grader can also learn incorrect spelling and grammar with this guide.

What is it that an 8-year-old is never to argue about? And with whom?

A lot could be said about the mixed messages in this study guide – please leave your thoughts below.

Whatever you do…don’t “liter” – you’re a very, very bad citizen if you do it.

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7 thoughts on “3rd Grade Government Homework: ‘Good Citizens Do Not Argue’

  1. I`m sure glad I`m not a good Citizen !!! KILL the Communist or the Communist will kill you !!! Let`s get this party started !!!

  2. Say, how about just an itty bit of honesty by replacing the word “citizens” with “comrades” in the homework and shortening the whole exercise to “Comrades will behave as good slaves for the bolshevik banksters and OBN scum buckets.”

    There, done already! Now the little slaves-to-be can run off to play their favorite war-programming video game or be entranced by their favorite alpha programming on the stupid tube, which will reinforce the school day’s how-to-be-a-good-communist lessons.

  3. “Good things citizens do:

    Don’t liter.”

    1. Besides the fact that this is Communist Core Education, the teacher who typed this up can’t even spell right. How did he or she even get the job? So much for a teaching license. Maybe he or she needs a spelling license to go along with that.

    It’s LITTER! Not Liter.

    Do you not want the kid to buy a liter of water or something?

    Maybe the teacher should add that a “Good Citizen” must learn how to spell correctly when teaching his or her student.

    2. What is this big obsession with our government and not littering? WHO THE F**K CARES???

    You can let illegal immigrants get driver’s license, be on juries and let cops shoot and taze people for no reason, but don’t you DARE try and litter! We’ll slap you with a $1000 fine and a week or two in prison! WTF???

    I know they are using this for their Agenda 21 bullshit, but really? Littering is the best that they can come up with? That’s their biggest problem? All of the problems in the world and they worry more about the importance of NOT littering?

    Unbelievable! Bizzaroworld!

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