4-Day, 32-Hour Workweek For PA Employees Proposed

Patch – by Eric Heyl

HARRISBURG, PA — A Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to study the idea of state employees shifting to a four-day, 32-hour work week.

State Rep. Christopher Rabb, a Philadelphia Democrat, plans to introduce legislation for the House Legislative and Budget Commission to conduct a cost-benefit study of moving to an adjusted work schedule.

“This study would comprehensively examine several aspects of this change, including policies to incentivize all Pennsylvania employers to make the shift,” Rabb said in a statement.

“As elected representatives, we owe it to the commonwealth’s taxpayers to explore any cost-saving measures that have the potential to enhance the state government’s efficacy while pursuing the same outcome for the greater good of our state, its employers and employees alike.”

The effort to lower the number of working hours for Americans also has support at the national level. U.S. Rep. Mark Takano of California has introduced legislation that would lower the maximum hours threshold for overtime pay for non-exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

That bill currently is before the House Committee on Education and Labor.

Iceland has had a four-year trial study on a shorter work week involving more than 2,500 workers – many of which dropped to a 35- or 36-hour week while receiving the same pay. Researchers determined that the shift triggered less employee stress and burnout while bettering their health.


One thought on “4-Day, 32-Hour Workweek For PA Employees Proposed

  1. Now, what could this really be about?
    Historically, this is the opposite of what most any company wants. They want bodies to work, working 24/7 (much like machines), making less money so they can make more profit.
    Now they want to change all that?
    Exactly who will be benefiting from this and how?

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