450 Sniveling Cowards?

I don’t think so. I’m referring of course, to the “news” of 450 people having their guns confiscated in Florida, without anyone firing a shot. I don’t believe a word of it, but at the same time, I could have predicted that this, or a similar story would have appeared sooner or later, because it serves their purposes so well.

I remember two instances of these “red flag” gun confiscation laws being applied, and if I’m not mistaken, they both ended with police being shot. Now we’re expected to believe that 450 were taken without so much as a complaint, because this is exactly the type of myth they’d be looking to propagate.   

I always knew, and stated previously, that the success or failure of these red flag gun confiscations would hinder on the first few attempts. If cops were shot, they would end quickly. If the first victims gave up their guns peaceably, the confiscations would continue. What the media hoaxsters are doing is creating the illusion (or “reality”) that Americans are turning in their guns without a fight. They’d like to convince you that no one else is standing up for their rights, and that you would be the only American fighting back should you choose to do so.

As far as I could see, the whole myth seems to have originated from one FOX news story, based on one interview with one Florida sheriff, who shows off some allegedly confiscated guns to a reporter as proof that this actually happened.

Gun confiscations are a barometer of tyranny that we’re all watching for, so how did this happen 450 times over the last few months without anyone saying a word? Why did we hear nothing from the first 200? Not a video anywhere showing this happening when it’s such a sensitive topic among Patriots?

I haven’t seen court documents, videos, complaints filed, or even another news outlet reporting on it independently of the original FOX “news” story, despite the fact that it’s a topic of huge interest, which has allegedly happened 450 times. Not likely.

This entire story could just as easily be a hoax as be real. At this point it would only involve a few actors, we’ve all seen them routinely orchestrate much bigger events than this to make bogus headlines, and most importantly, this is a headline they desperately need to make the real gun confiscations go a lot more smoothly. I can’t prove it’s a lie, but it seems to me that if it were true, there would be a lot of corroborating evidence that should exist, and doesn’t. I’m not going to believe a word of this until it’s verified independently, because it’s exactly the kind of lie they’d love to have the American people believe.

If I’m wrong, please correct me, but I can’t find any confirmation that these confiscations actually happened. Please do look for independent confirmation of this yourself before you believe me, or the “news”. Americans understand the consequences of gun confiscations, and I don’t believe they’d hand them over so willingly. The enemy understands that they can’t win unless we do. Expect deception.   — Jolly Roger

10 thoughts on “450 Sniveling Cowards?

  1. Good post
    I want to know the TRUTH too

    lets hope it gets posted here ( the truth about this )

    because if it is true ..its a declaration of war

    if its false ..who and why , and for what reason?

    and they need to be called out

  2. Ah yes the “risk protection act” or better known as the “red flag” law. Where somebody can call somebody and tell them that a certain somebody doesn’t deserve to have a gun because he is acting strangely, a fking joke of a law if I ever saw one.

    Trump acts strangely every day of the week, yet this SOB gets a call conceal carry, issued in New York City no less.

  3. Well JR, I believe you got it right!! I live in Plnellas county and I been watching the stupid box and not one work of this no where. With all the cell phone cameras out there someone would videotape it, going into a sub-division with a swat team or the 200 cops needed to take one mans guns a whole lot of people would be talking!!! Its fake news.

  4. Excellent article.
    I had thought about this some myself, and 450 is a piss ant piddly number. This whole thing could be hoaxed with real participants, being the communist wannabe confiscators themselves. It could even look pretty routine as being presented as a play. And don’t forget, our enemies have written down on a piece of paper that it is perfectly constitutional and lawful for them to run propaganda campaigns, knowingly lying to the people.
    I bet you in Florida you could find 450 hardcore communists to play the part of a weak American handing over his firearm. I don’t think at this point I could believe any of it if they showed it on the stupid box being acted out.
    We’ve always known that the peoples’ uprising would not be televised.
    Great points. Great article.

  5. I know damned well these “stories” are nonsense, and so do all here (well, most anyway, even FTTWR has trolls), but the problem is that while Americans are waking up, they are waking up with lots of blinders on (thanks to AJ and company) and are thinking too collectively, not with individual critical thinking (just like back in the days when I was a Christian Zionist), and seemingly are too damned fearful to seek the actual truth, preferring others to “tell the truth” for them. And how do I know that nowhere near 450 folks turned in their guns? Because they tried the same thing in far-more-libtard Connecticut after Sandy Hoax, and virtually NO ONE in the liberal state turned in their guns! Florida isn’t nearly as liberal (but for the snowbirds, it wouldn’t be one bit liberal!), so I just cannot trust this figure.

  6. I’ll try this again, I posted this at 1:00 pm, but it did not post. I check out “Florida Gun Rights” and not one work, also looked for law suites nothing, only NRA suing over “Red Flag Ruling.”

  7. They did confiscate a lot of guns during Hurricane Katrina, so it’s possible that it could of happened again without a shot being fired from the gun owners..

  8. I thought I had read that they had just been ordered to turn them in (like NJ & MA just did… within 180 days), not that they already had.

    Of course, Faux News is always SO reliable (and truthful, too). 🙄

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