7 thoughts on “5 Signs We’re Probably Going to War with Iran

  1. Amerika needs ‘endless war’ and ABSOLUTELY NEEDS a major conflict to save the US Dollar.

    I KNEW Hillary would start WW3, hoped Trump wouldn’t, but looks like he’s just like the rest.

    Hope Amerika gets it’s ASS KICKED – and Amerikans get a reaaaaaal close-up taste of what ‘spreading democracy’ really looks like.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer place – with more apathetic people, so disconnected from reality.

    1. “I KNEW Hillary would start WW3, hoped Trump wouldn’t, but looks like he’s just like the rest.”

      No one gets to the top two spots in a POTUS election by choice of “The People”. They are put there by people, the Banksters.

      1. What happened to all the talking and doing business with these nations leaders. I guess it went up there with hope and change eh?

  2. I’m not including myself in that “we”, I don’t care who Iran nukes though I doubt they would nuke anyone. Not my continent, not my problem, if we mind our own business we should have nothing to worry about.

  3. Melissa dykes absolutely nails it in this video! It pisses me off that people over and over again forget all of this and much more proof that literally spells out this whole charade. These so called protests are nothing more than staged distractions meant to keep people blind and at each other’s throats while the protocols of zion are put in place. Notice how these soros funded “revolutions” can take down governments but never touch Israel’s or America’s but they sure can get people to loot Starbucks and beat each other up. When Israel, the global ideology of zionism’s one world government that is, is done with America, they will let it dry up and blow away in the wind, as said by netanyahu to Jonathan pollard. And I agree with koorz, America, because of our apathy and ignorance will get a taste of what that democracy tastes like.

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