6 in 10 ‘couldn’t cope’ without smartphone for a day; 1 in 8 suffer anxiety from low battery!

Study Finds – by Chris Melore

NEW YORK — Does it feel like your smartphone never leaves your hand? You’re not alone. A new survey reveals six in 10 people “couldn’t cope” with being separated from their mobile phone for more than a day.

Surprisingly, the poll of 2,000 smartphone users finds only three in 10 claim they never leave their house without their phone. When they do bring their phones along, however, most people are completely dependent on it for help.

Two in three (68%) rely on their phones to take photos, while 64 percent use it to check the time and 62 percent are constantly looking up weather forecasts. Another 13 percent confess they can’t even find their way to work without a phone showing them a map!

Speaking of traveling, 27 percent of respondents admit they’re completely reliant on their smartphone for directions. One in three add they’ve never used a printed map in their life.

Out of juice anxiety!

With all these people relying on their smartphones for everything, it’s no surprise they’re constantly looking for places to charge their dying batteries! The survey — commissioned by HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, and conducted by OnePoll — found 55 percent of respondents believe running out of battery power is a “nightmare scenario.” One in eight people claim that a dying battery actually gives them anxiety.

“Smartphones offer so much, it’s unsurprising that we’re dependent, making the common complaints around battery life a real issue,” says Petri Hayrynen of HMD Global in a statement.

“There are other ways we can preserve our phone battery and offset that angst,” Hayrynen adds. “From using network connections selectively to muting unnecessary sounds and stopping apps from running in the background, these all help the cause and keep you switched on for longer.”

Take the car, just leave the phone!

When it comes to what’s most important to people these days, the poll finds nothing would be more upsetting than losing a smartphone. Nearly half the survey (48%) say it would be very upsetting if they lost their phone. That’s more than the number who would stress out over losing their bank card (46%), their car keys (40%), or even their wedding ring (25%)!

Overall, the average respondent checks their mobile device 20 times a day. They also spend two full hours looking at their phone screen over a 24-hour period.

Study Finds

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  1. Now if the criminal psycho elites really want to see mass suicide amongst us “useless eaters”, then this articles suggests just using EMP attacks ought to do the trick…. Another great reason to live in the rural remote: smart phones only work if the internet does, and out here, it is so unreliable that I wonder why so many out here have smart phones. Other than taking photos of mountain lions or whatever, I have no use for a smart phone! (which is why I do not have one). Bwahahahahahahahahahahah!

  2. Really, it’s probably the sign that they walked into, the retaining wall they fell off, the vehicle walked in front of, or the fountain they fell into.

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