7 Dogs Who Could Pass For Other Animals

panda, dog, animalsCarbonated TV – by Hana LaRock

Are you sure that’s a dog?

Dogs can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. But these dogs don’t even look like canines-they look like other animals:  

1. The Kangaroo Dog

kangaroo dog, dog, kangaroo, animals

This dog really likes to play ‘outback’, if you catch his drift.

2. The Panda Dog

panda, dog, animals

This dog will Bamboo-zle’ you!

3.  The Lion Dog

lion, dog, animals

This guy is the King of the neighborhood.

4. The Polar Bear Dog

animal, dog, polar bear

This pup belongs in the Arctic.

5. The Pig Dog

dog, pig, animals

This dog prefers to not eat bacon…

6. The Sheep Dog

dog, sheep, sheep dog, animals

This is one ‘Baaa-d’ dog!

7. Human Dog

dog, owner, human, animals

Okay, so it’s not quite human looking, but he does look remarkably like his owner.


2 thoughts on “7 Dogs Who Could Pass For Other Animals

  1. I saw a picture of “panda” dogs on another site: they were owned by Chinese and their fur had been dyed to look like pandas. Poor dogs.

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